Answering the Need

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Answering the Need

I see what’s needed most, dear,

Quite different than you know,

I see how I can gift you,

With what will help you grow. 

To grow in your fulfillment,

Means letting love come through,

Means shinning light to others,  

 God’s meaning there as you.

Stay open to my guidance, 

For joining is the key,

What comes forth is true wisdom,

Transcendent Mind with Me. 

Your needs which seemed so vital,

Have graciously been met, 

Fulfilled, you are at peace, dear, 

Your life has been reset. 

Reset, redeemed, revitalized,

Each day you feel brand new, 

Living love’s great power, 

Resides, yes dwells, in you. 

Let mission be the forefront,

Of what is on your Mind, 

I’ll show you when and how, dear,

Such joy, in this, you’ll find. 

’Twill seem as normal, natural, 

To tell the others there, 

That I’m within directly,

For each, their life, to share.

This love you open up to,

Will clear befuddled mind,

The treachery of ego, 

Is gone, and peace you’ll find. 

Love it is the answer,

Love meets your every need,

 I’ll open up the floodgates,

Its light, in you, will lead. 


In closing let Me tell you,

I’m here just call My Name, 

Truly I’m the answer,

And love is why I came. 

7/30/22 Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.