Continue With Your Mission

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Continue With Your Mission

Count on continued blessings,

Count on My Presence there,

We have a gift to give, dear,

We have so much to share.

Don’t let your focus waver,

Let ego’s scheme’s be gone! 

Its distractions are a defense, 

Will surely steer you wrong!

Stay close, in touch, with guidance,

We have so much to do,

We want to tell the others,

I’m there, for each, it’s true!

To tell them through your witness,

That directly I am there,

That I will guide them, help them,  

Bring each, my loving care.

I’ve been your dear companion,

Throughout these many years, 

We’ve shared so much together, 

Shared laughter, joy, and tears.

So continue with your mission,

Writing, staying true, 

It’s been a life worth living,

With love, let’s follow through.  

A few more years of living,

Is all there is, dear one, 

Let’s use these years in giving,

Until your mission’s done. 

Don’t waver and don’t wander,

’Twill just cause you delay,

Move forward with intention, 

Let’s give the gift each day! 

In peace we will deliver,

What’s truly helpful there, 

We’ll find our joy together,

Each day, our love, we’ll share.  

In closing I will tell you,

To all of you I’ve known, 

Always, I am with you,

You are not alone

7/24/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling  others of this website.