Filled With Meaning...

Sunday, July 10, 2022

From The Resurrected

Chapter 54

There is meaning in your life. We have talked in this book about the meaning that is you, the divine meaning the Source has, as you. Now you are the meaning and you are the love made manifest in your world. You are the place, the very place, where the love of your Source comes through mightily there. I would encourage each one to take these words into your heart and live with them, abide with them. You are the place where love can come into the world, and where the Source can manifest there as you. 

What delightful words these are, for they put you into the context of the truth of you. They put you into the very truth of life there. For as you live there, you are the place of love in the world. Acting from that love and manifesting as that love, that divine energy of love there, is who and what you are. And so as you bring to bear on the circumstances of your life this truth, you will then act on it and live from it. I would invite each of you to ask in the way of a child to a parent, what is my way here? What is the truth of me here and how can I know these words? 

And as you do so invite for the way to be made known to you, you will so feel into them and live from them. The way will be made plain to you and the next steps of love will come forth. You are not alone there, dear one, truly you are not alone there. I love you and that is the best news you could ever hear. I love you. Let your life come forth beautifully and boun- tifully as you embrace what you now know. We are indeed One, lovingly and completely, One. 

Filled with Meaning

Each moment of your day, dear,

Will overflowing be,

With God’s energy of meaning, 

Love’s radiant vibrancy. 

When you have joined with Me, dear, 

The flood gates open wide,

Living love pours through, there, 

An all engulfing tide. 

Doubt and fear are gone now,

Joy lights up the air,

Infinite possibility,

Unfolds everywhere.

We live and move with sacred trust,

Following God’s will,

Love’s light leads ever onward,

Our purpose to fulfill.

Now we’ve found the reason,

Why we’re what we are, 

We’re meant to be God’s meaning,

His point of light, His star. 

The light of love God giveth,

Is gentle, yet filled with power,  

Can move a mighty mountain,

Can bloom a tiny flower. 

Join with Me within, dear, 

We have God’s work to do,

Now’s the time to open, 

I’m waiting here for you. 

In closing, let Me tell you,

I love you, deeply care,

I am with you always, 

Forever I am there. 


7/10/22 Given from Jesus, Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.