Flower of Beauty

Sunday, July 31, 2022

From The Book of Changes

Chapter 27 

Flower of Beauty 

We are One, you and I. We are intrinsically one with each other, with the Wholeness there. What does his mean? Well, let me explain to you through an analogy. There is on your earth plane, a flower that is found to be common and often thought to be expendable. It is a flower that grows as a weed there but, indeed, it is a flower of beauty. This flower propels its seeds into the air and spreads far and wide as the wind blows propagating itself over many miles. So adapt at living in myriad circumstances and under arduous conditions, this little yellow flower has managed to be known throughout the world. It truly is known to all cultures there. But without recognition, it is killed and abused and regarded with disgust. The flower, which is better known as a dandelion, is truly that which is not tolerated by many. 

How does this relate to what I am telling you? Well, your spiritual nature is often viewed as disgusting by many for it intrudes on what might seem a privately cultivated yard and a green sweep of lawn developed and managed by its owner. It grows and flourishes under conditions of extreme neglect and willingly it attempts to spread its beauty far and wide. Not without your permission can your inner spirit, your beauteous flower bloom. Not without your nourishing and inviting in, can your nature, who and what you really are, come forth. 

Far and wide this little flower comes forth throughout the world and in and through each one. Often disregarded and viewed as unimportant, a nuisance to deal with or as something to ignore, your spiritual nature persists there. 

Now the time has come to look again at what you are, the greater Wholeness of whom and what you are. The time has come to find anew what has been so often abandoned there and viewed with disgust. For this inner spirit is the place of true transformation and is the place of your forward movement. As you have come to a point of questing, and as you have wondered whether there might be more to life than what you have been conditioned to believe, I can assure you that you are, indeed, much more there. You are connected far and wide with the Wholeness of you. 

Now the time to quiet your thinking mind set is here. Quiet your mind set of busyness and thoughts that are of little importance and come into that peaceful place where dwells that lovely flower, that spirit of love there to lighten your burden and ease your life. Here lies the fountain of living waters ready to bathe you in bliss. You are not alone there, dear one, you are truly not alone. I am with you as you live. As the Oneness of the Father, the Source ushers forth there for you, allow for the transformative nature to be felt, and allow for your true blossoming to come forth. Never alone there, dear one, never alone. 

The Causal Place

It is God’s place of meaning,

The place of Transcendent Mind,

Ready to avail itself,

When joined, with Me, you’ll find. 

All issues forth from here, dear, 

One vast spirituality,

Love Is the very substance,

That brings real harmony. 

The Causal Place is home, dear, 

In peace, please join with Me,

We’ll enter sacred realms of bliss,

Such joy, such ecstasy!

The Causal Place when lived from,

Will bring forth what God wills,

No better way to live your life—

True purpose, it fulfills. 

Find peace within, and ask, dear, 

And I will answer true,

I’m ready and I'm waiting, 

To join, as One, with you. 

We’ll move as One together,

God’s movement, bright and new,

Radical transformation,

Love’s function brings it through. 

The Causal Place brings purpose,

The why and wherefore there,

The reason for it all, dear,

God’s love for All to share. 

No one’s left out or all alone,

All are included there,

The Causal Place’s for everyone,

Join Me, I really care!


7/31/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.