How we are One...

Saturday, July 16, 2022

From The Book of Changes

Chapter 41 

How We are One 

We are one, you and I. What does this mean? How can the many be the one? How can each one be that which is also the Whole? Let us think in terms of an analogy there. Let us think in terms of something that will be understandable to you. You exist in an energy field which is made up of currents and frequencies. Subtle are these and not easily measured. You exist and are made up of these frequencies, these vibrational wavelengths there. 

Now the field of energy you live in is not separate from anything that exists in it. And yet, there are vibrational wavelengths that are there, as you. Now this may mean nothing to you, for it’s hard to think in terms of energy as that which makes up you. For you see yourself as form and matter and that which is solid in appearance. But you are not that! You are, indeed, an entity vibrating at a certain wavelength/frequency there, and you exist at that level of experience, the experience of matter. 

But through and in all is the vibrational frequency of you which exists on other frequencies, also. And so you aren’t singular in your expression there. You are not solo, nor are you alone there. These are erroneous ideas that must be allowed to dissipate. And the idea of moving in and through different vibrational frequencies must be understood as the norm. The Father, the Source exists there with you, dear one, and exists there as All That Is there for you. View yourself through that lens. This is wonderful news and it is news that should help you to understand the reality of you. 

Now as you think in terms of this picture, you will find your understanding increasing and your opening to what may be there for you to experience will be felt. For you must see yourself as that which now can move freely back and forth throughout the dimensions, the vibrational frequencies of existence. Do not think that you are one who is isolated, nor alone there, for you, indeed, are not that. We are working with you to help you explore more fully this vibrational world, this movement into the light of you. 

Now you exist as light and you exist as a power source, a transmission source there. You are not that which is without the means to come into direct connection, vibrational transmission from your guide there. I am here for you and I exist at a frequency that can reach you as you earnestly seek, dear one, and as you desire our connection. Now as you have heard of this, explore this dear connection to transformation. Explore and delight in it, for indeed, it is your birthright there. You are One with the Wholeness. We are, indeed, One. 

The Poetry of Oneness

We move as One together,

When you have joined in Mind,

Let go of separation, 

Embraced the ties that bind. 

Our Oneness includes All, dear,

Spiritually intertwined,

Woven inextricably,

It’s living love, you’ll find. 

This is God’s very meaning,

Fills All creation there,

Permeates the Oneness,

So All will fully share,

In living love’s great purpose,

Healing, making new,

Redeeming and transforming,

Revealing what is true.

Awakening you to Oneness,

Is why I’m there within,

To shatter your defenses—

Let God’s love pour on in.

I’m there to guide, to teach you,

To be your dearest friend,

I will never leave you,

My Presence knows no end. 

To be as One with Source, dear,

Is claiming who you are,

His Child and His very Own,

His point of light, His star.

Living love’s your birthright,

Inheritance sublime,

Do not waste a moment,

Now is the prefect time.  

Simply turn within, dear,

When you have found your peace,

I’ll hear your invitation,

Aloneness, now will cease.  


In closing I will tell you,

I love you, we are One,

Let’s work to bring in others, 

’Til all awakening’s done. 


7/16/22  Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others abou this website.