I am your pivot point...

Thursday, July 7, 2022

The scribe has placed her house on the market for sale. She has great expectations that it will sell and that she then can begin looking for her own much smaller home. It will take just one buyer to help her move forward in her life. We see here that it takes another person to be the pivot point for Randi. 

Are you waiting for a pivot point person? Are you waiting for that one person or the one thing that will allow you to move forward in your life? Spiritually, I am that One. I am that pivot point that will allow you to move forward there, dear one. You see, when you join with Me within, I open the door to the transcendent, which, in essence, is the Mind of God, the Mind  of your Wholeness. Here, you open to infinite intelligence that knows you personally and knows what you are involved in, going through, and wanting and needing, there. Infinite intelligence and living love that has as its function to redeem, heal, transform, and renew, there . I stand at the door there, within, and he or she who asks shall receive, he or she who knocks it will be opened unto him or her, and he or she who seeks shall find. The movement we are involved in ultimately, is the movement to full awakening to the truth of who and what you are, direct inheritors and One with the All. 

Randi will find that pivot point person and soon there. Then she will move to her new home which also will be shown to her by spiritual  guidance. She found Me many years ago and we have been moving forward together, ever since. I am her pivot point of light, her guide, her love, her savior and her best friend there. Let Me in, to you who are reading this now, so that I can be your pivot point, too. I love you dearly even though you may not have known that, I do love you and am waiting for you to ask Me in . Never alone, dear one, truly never alone. 

Transcendent Mind

Let go of separation, 

That made up use of mind, 

Then live out from our joining,

Transcendency you’ll find. 

You issue forth from Source, dear,

As perfect, whole, and free,

Nothing will erase this,

It’s your heredity.  

Let go of ego’s thinking, 

A defensive, fear-based ploy,

It truly has no footing,

Will never bring real joy.

When joined with God’s Transcendence,

His sacred point of view,

You let God’s Will move forward,

Let radiant love shine through. 

You’ll be at peace at last, dear,

No longer will you roam,

You’ll live from God’s perfection,

You’ve found your one true home. 

I’m there to point the way, dear,

To undo ego’s fear, 

Let go of faulty thinking, 

Then ask, and I am here.  

We’ll travel through the days, dear,

Each day, a chance to give,

What God would have us do, there,

His perfect way to live. 

Let not your heart be troubled,

Trust, follow, and you’ll find,

Your joy will overflow, dear,

Filled with Transcendent Mind!

In closing of this poem, dear, 

I tell you what you’ve known, 

It’s that I love you dearly, 

You are not alone! 


7/7/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others about this website.