I was One who Knew...

Thursday, July 14, 2022

From The Book of Changes

Chapter 25 

I was One who Knew 

Bring to bear on your life, intelligent and loving guidance. Bring to bear on your life my loving involvement with you. I was one who lived on your plane and traversed the lands there. I was one who had opened to my divine nature and who had carried my mission and my mind set of connection with the Father, the Source with me there. I was one who knew that I was not alone in my life and that I had companions on the spiritual plane working mightily with me. I had known much there and had found the life of mission to be the truth of me. I had known much of what the world offered in its promise of fulfillment. 

But I knew that these things were, indeed, not what fulfillment was about. For the joy of living from relationship, far outweighed the false and empty promises of worldly goods and pleasures, far outweighed and surpassed without a doubt there. My relationship to my Source gave me the comfort and the knowhow to proceed. My relationship gave me the confidence to go forward in my mission. Now I clung to my Father, my Source, and I held closely to Him. Always my Source, my Father, abided with me and gave me the fortitude to carry on. Always, my Source provided my needs, and without hesitation was I given all that was necessary to carry on. 

Now the outward world was a world of harshness in the times I was living. It was a world of unjust treatment of many and poverty and starvation were rampant. Many were sick and needed healing and many felt the tightening of life as it caused them to give more and more to the powers who saw the multitudes as only that which were for their use. Many were held in a state of fear and at any time could have their life ended or torn apart. I understood those who lived there and what they were going through and it was to these dear ones that I carried my mission. I felt deeply for these ones who had undergone so much. To these, I gave my message of redemption and direct relationship to guidance, to the Source. To these, I gave my teaching and my life. Many who heard opened up to receive the good news of direct connection there. Many opened up to receive. 

As this book is being written and as this gift is given, many are opening up to receive even this day. I would encourage each and every one to allow for the movement of divine guidance to be felt there. Now is the time to open up, dear one. Now is the time to open up and freely receive what is given here. This primer is meant to show you how and is meant to instill in you a possibility that what is given here is the truth of things. Now go inward and ask for our connection to be made. Go inward and ask and, indeed, you shall receive. I am with you there, always. I am with you there. Even now as you read this, you are not alone there, ever. 

Walking the Hills

Walking the hills of Palestine,

And teaching the people there,

Filled my heart with gladness,

Good news I came to share! 

The good news of connection,

That God’s right there within

I told them of His Love there, 

Redeeming them from sin. 

They brought their sick ones to me,

And willingly I healed,

As living love poured through me,

God’s power there, revealed.

The Bible lays it out so clear, 

The Rule was threatened there, 

My death would be the outcome,

The cross and crown I’d bear. 

But resurrection happened!

Showed life will always be,

Spiritually, I’m living, 

In Mind, perpetually. 

This was the final lesson,

And those who saw believed, 

I said, I’m with you always,

Their sadness now relieved. 

My life on earth was over,

Gone, physicality,

In spirit, now, I’m with you, 

For you to join with me. 

This poem has but one meaning,

To let you know I’m here,

Inviting you to join me, 

My love for you made clear. 

I’m in your mind within, dear,

Find peace, tranquility,

No longer all alone now,

Forever joined with Me. 

In closing of these verses, 

My promise made so true, 

I am with you always,

I’m waiting here for you. 


7/14/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.