Let Living Love Prevail

Saturday, July 2, 2022

Let Living Love Prevail

Let living love prevail there,

For it is what is true,

The dark will be extinguished,

As love’s pure light comes through.

The ego’s arrows of hatred,

Pulled from a defensive quiver, 

Are meant to separate and divide,

Says, ‘use me, I’ll deliver.’

This system of defense, dear, 

Is meant to undermine,

Our Oneness, our relationship,

Your heritage, divine. 

Don’t let its stealthy whispers,

Plot a way to hurt another,

Remember all are One, there, 

Your sister and your brother. 

You’ll find it near impossible, 

To do this on your own, 

Call on Me, my dear one,

Where truth, with Me, is known. 

The ego’s but a system,

Defenses, posing as you,

Ungrounded, just pure falsity,

It spins a tale untrue. 

Your heritage of Oneness,

With your eternal Source,

Is grounded in love’s power,

God’s mighty healing force. 

Joined with your Creator,

The ego has no sting, 

Its nothingness revealed, dear,

God's love heals everything. 

With Me, you’ll find your joy, dear, 

Your truth, your reality,

Entwined as One forever,

God’s will, our destiny. 

7/2/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you  for telling others about this website.

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