Let Me Gift You

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

From The Book of Changes

Chapter 39 

Let Me Gift You 

You are gaining the basics in learning of the way of transformation there. You are now aware that within the mind of you exists a transmission line that will connect you directly. You are aware and you have found much of this to be true for you. Still, you have your doubts. You have your doubts, for it cries in the face of the enculturated way. You don’t think that your guidance will answer you directly. No, rather you feel that there is a randomness to this and you feel that you have somehow got to earn guidance from your Source there. You cannot conceive of yourself as good enough or worthy enough to be given loving guidance. For as you have lived, you have felt guilty and you have felt as one who has transgressed. Sinful you feel and unworthy to receive. 

But in all ways, this idea is erroneous. Even those who might be considered hardened criminals have guidance available to them. For it is inherent in who we are. It is inherent in you to have this connection. Never is this guidance held from you there. And always is this guidance lovingly given and bestowed, with your best interest at heart. This idea of unconditional love and acceptance and unconditional gifting is truly difficult for you to believe, for you have had it impelled into you that you must earn your rewards there. You have had it impelled into you that you must work for your rewards. 

But now I will tell you that the greatest reward, the greatest gift, the greatest beneficence is there for you freely. Freely it is there, without merit and inherent to you. This one fact has been held apart from you as you have lived in a culture that admonishes you to work your life away for the right to live there. Now we here are not saying that you will not want to work, for indeed a wage will need to be earned, but it is truly as you allow for the gifting from your guidance, from the transcendent reality, that you will find the work that will provide joy and meaning there for you. You are not meant to live a life of arduous, unsatisfying, meaning there. Indeed, you are meant, in all ways, to live a life of great joy and deep satisfaction. 

You are not alone there, dear one. You are not alone there as you live. Truly, you are joined and are meant to receive all that is there so abundantly for you. Now is the time to turn here and ask in the way of a gentle friend. Are you there? Are you there for me? I will answer you. I will answer you and will gift you abundantly. I will show you the way there, as I have my eye on you, my mind on you and I can see the big movement, the involvement from the viewpoint of the spiritual plane, the transcendent there. Now the time to turn inward is now. Allow me to gift you there without doing anything other than to ask. Ask and you will receive, knock and the door will be opened unto you. Never alone there, dear one, truly never alone. 

The Greatest Gift

The greatest gift God gives us, 

Is not wrapped in silver and gold,

Has not a dollar value,

Not tangible to hold.

The greatest gift is Jesus, 

His Presence there within, 

He opens us to Oneness,

Lets living love pour in. 

His ever-present patience,

Waits ’til we come around,

Says, “ I will never leave you,”

With Him, true love is found. 

God’s gift that keeps on giving,

His meaning pure and true,

Jesus, the Gift, the Giver,

Bestows Himself on you. 

Open to receive Him,

Such treasure there awaits,

Beneficence without measure, 

Such kindness, He relates. 

Once you’ve opened to Him,

And felt His love for you, 

Such joy will be what fills your heart,

Each day you’ll feel brand new! 

A gift that stays unopened,

Cannot its giver give, 

Open up to Me, dear, 

I’ll teach you how to live.

I’ll teach you that you’re much more, 

Than you now think you are,

You are God’s point of light there,

 His Own, His Love, His Star. 

In closing let me tell  you,

I’m here within it’s true,

Waiting for your opening,

I give Myself to you.  


7/20/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others about this website.