Love is Essence

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

From The Book of Changes

Chapter 70 

Love is Essence 

Let the spirit of love rule the day. For love is the fundamental substance of life. Love is the far-reaching and underlying condition of life there. How can love be the fundamental substance of life? 

Love is energy, and it is that which permeates the essence of things. It is the essence of All That Is. Love is more that an emotion, a feeling of good will toward your others or to things or to nature. It is the fundamental substance of things. Now it is important to learn of this, and it is important to attempt to embrace this as you live. We here, want you to know of this and to explore this idea more fully. As you ask of your guide to show you how this could be true, you will gain in understanding there. We will show you through experiences and insights and with guidance how this is true. It is the fundamental thing to know and to embrace. 

The mystery of love and the majesty of love is that it has the power to set all things straight, bring order out of chaos, and harmony out of hate. Love is so powerful and so mighty in its ability to heal, that it is truly the most healthful idea to embrace. 

We see you there and we see what you are going through. We see you as you live and we are not judging you there. We are not there to scrutinize your behavior, nor to make you feel guilty. For this is the absolute opposite of what the Source is about. We are there to love you! 

You will understand this more fully as you come into the relationship there with your guide and with your Source there. You are met there with a love that will guide you into a life of magnificence, a life fully lived, and a life of gifting there for you. Your life is truly meant to be a life of gifting and a life of joy. 

We can tell you that you are a joy to us and we can tell you that you are seen as pure love to us and as one who is a part of us and not separate from us. And we can tell you this with the certainty of awakened ones on the spiritual plane. But we can do no more than tell you and attempt to show you this truth. You must open to receive it and you must ask for the truth to be known to you. 

You are not alone there, dear one, truly you are not alone there. We are with you as you live and we will help you there. We are asking that you show a bit of curiosity to open up, a bit of wonderment if this is true, and an allowing for a tiny crack in your belief systems to occur. For it is only as you open to receive that you will know. 

Now you must truly want to know and want to explore. Your own will is sovereign as you live and you cannot be manipulated, nor coerced into believing anything. We are not into deception and false dealing with those we love, who are a part of us. We are, indeed, not willing to undermine your own will, your sovereignty there. 

You are truly more than you think you are, dear one, you are more than you think you are. Now the call is to open up and to allow for this magnificent love of you, the truth of you, to usher in and usher forth whom and what you are. Never alone, dear one, truly never alone. 

Love is Elemental

Love is elemental,

To whom you really are,

It’s not a chosen 'add on’—

Like glitter on a star. 

A fundmental substance—

God’s meaning coming through,

Love has its divine purpose—

To heal, redeem, renew.

It’s basic to your being,

That’s why I’m asking you,

To open to My guidance—

To let this love come through.

Find peace within, then ask Me,

I’ll answer to your call,

Joining is the answer,

Love’s there for you — for all! 

A powerhouse, yet simple,

It works with what is there,

Brings order out of chaos,

Transforms beyond compare.

This love is truly you, dear,

You’re not the ego’s slave,

Held hostage to defenses—

Sin, sickness, and the grave.

Call on living love, dear,

To set free and arrange,

In God’s own divine order,

What’s in need of change.

Love is elemental,

It's basic and it's true,

It’s what we’re really made of,

Let’s let its light shine through!

One more verse I give you,

Before this poem will end,

I am with you always,

My love, to you, I send. 


7/12/22. Given from Jsus.  Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.