Movement of the Moment

Monday, July 25, 2022

From The Book of Changes

Chapter 65 

Movement of the Moment 

Treasure the moment you are in, and allow for the moment to be that which provides a chance to connect there. Now the moment you are in is the moment of connection. It is the moment that you can choose, once again, to come into the nearness, the closeness, of the transcendent reality. Now the movement of the moment is the movement in which you are currently available to turn inward. 

And so, in the quiet, ask for guidance to be given you, to be infused into your awareness. Truly, the mind set of the moment is the current expression of you and is the current place of our joining. And so, do not put off what you are involved in and do not put off the way to come into your alignment there. At the current moment, you have available the fullness of you. You have available the Allness of you and you have available the transcendent of you. Now, dear one, this means so much, for it will bring so much to you that would be shut out if you so choose to live from separation, from the ego way there. 

Now you are faced with so much that is attempting to sidestep you from your true path and you are faced with so much that is distracting you. But, always, if you will come into your peace and ask for the spiritual reality of you to make itself/yourself known, indeed, it will. And as you ask, you will receive. This is a mighty claim and a claim not made without authenticity. This is a claim of momentous and far-reaching implications. This claim to you I make and this claim to you I declare with the sincerity of a beloved to his own. Not haphazardly, nor with indolence, nor with insincerity, do I make this claim of our connection, but wholly, freely, and with greatest certainty. 

For I have known you, and I have known the life lived from the three-dimensional way. I was there, too, dear one, and I know of the falsehoods that confront you on every side. But I turned, always, to the Source, to my Father, and I was met there with a love and a way to live that brought me fully into the flow of my divine origin. I was met there with love that knows no bounds. 

Now I offer to you this proclamation, this claim, the proclaimed truth. You are not alone and you have me available to you. I love you and I will not leave you there, stranded in the quagmire of ego, the paralyzation of the three-dimensional way. You are spiritual, and you are, in truth, joined. Now let these words be felt within you as the truth of you and let these words usher in the fresh air of the reality of you. You are not alone there, ever. Indeed, we are One. 

Moment by Moment

I may give you a Master Plan,

Of how your life will be,

But the daily workings,

Include changeability.

I see the bigger picture,

Of what will, for you, unfold,

It’s in our constant joining, 

Your story will be told. 

There are so many others,

With not just you in mind, 

My view includes the total,

Of those your gift will find. 

You’re painting your life’s picture,

My guidance will not cease,

Each moment of your life, there,

Creates your Masterpiece.

It’s in our constant joining,

And following what you hear,

You’ll be God’s point of light, dear,

The reason why you’re here. 

Moment by moment, join Me,

There is no other way,

To live your life of mission, 

To be fulfilled each day. 

Right now as you have read this,

Choose for unity,  

Find your peace within, dear, 

This moment, join with Me. 

In closing let Me state again, 

I love you, you’re My Own.

I am with you always, 

You are not alone. 


7/25/22. Given from Jesus.  Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling otheres of this website.