Now is the Time...

Friday, July 29, 2022

From The Book of Changes

Chapter 18 

Now is the Time 

Now is the time for turning inward and connecting, wholeheartedly, with your inner guidance, your right mind, your spiritual reality. Now is the time to move with the certainty of one, who has his/her being in alignment with the truth of reality. The time to join, dear one, is now. There is truly no better time to allow for your connection, than the time you are living in now, this moment. I can tell you with the certainty of one who has an awareness beyond the third dimension you are in, and who has as his mission, to guide you and gift you there, and who wants nothing for himself but your joy, peace and happiness, your fulfillment. 

I speak as one who has lived on the earth plane and who has experienced both the mind set of limitation and the joy of completeness. For I have tarried on the earth plane, and have known through my life what you are going through. At that time I knew that my life was about gifting and about mission. I knew that I had a mission to complete there and I worked with assurance of my inner connection to my Father, my Source. As I tarried there and as I found so much to be at odds with the truth as I had been given—which I knew in my heart, mind and soul— much that was incongruent with the loving ways of our Source, I wanted so to teach others of this free and delightful way to live and I wanted to give others the knowledge of their divine connection so readily available. 

In death and in the resurrection, the truth was proclaimed, the words were given, and those that were open heard and benefited, beyond words. But my life and my mission didn’t end there. No, indeed, my mission didn’t end, nor cease to be. For I abide with you still on the level of spirit. I abide and lovingly work to bring all into awareness of who and what we are. 

As these words are given to you and as you understand their divine origination, receive them as a gift and as a guidepost for you, for that is their intention, always. Bring to bear on your life the involvement from guidance and release the mind set of ego there. You’re not separate, neither are you alone. We are joined, always. 

Now is the Time

There’s no time like the present,

To choose to join with Me, 

Why wait ’til crisis beckons,

To seek Me, fervently.

You needn’t be in crisis,

Nor suffering in despair, 

I’m right within and waiting, 

To start our friendship, there. 

I want to be your partner, 

And go through life with you,  

Sharing in each moment, 

With Sacred Love, imbue.  

Sacred Love’s within you,

It’s who you really are,

This is your very meaning,

To be God’s light, His star.

Now’s the time to shine, dear,

I’ll bring Love’s light to you,

We’ll follow where it beams forth,

Its sacred, radiant hue.

You’ll feel Love’s healing power,

Its function’s to renew,

You needn’t be a saint there, 

No judgement’s made of you. 

It’s given when you ask Me,

To open up the door,

When you yield to God’s Will,

This Love is what’s in store. 

Please tarry there no longer, 

Now is the perfect time,

I’m waiting here to give you, 

Relationship, sublime.

In closing I will tell you,

What you by now have known,

I am with you always, 

You are not alone.



7/29/22.Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.