Practical Reality

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

 Practical Reality

Guidance is not just theory,

Lofty use of mind, 

I give you what is needed, 

Hands-on help, you’ll find.  

I’m there to guide you forward,

In physicality,

Intertwined completely,

We are One, you see.

So as you do the dishes,

And as you sweep the floor,

Or balance out your check book, 

I lighten up the chore.

Don’t close the door when busy,

As if I’m just not there,

Or call Me only sometimes,

I’m there, all times, to share. 

You need but pay attention,

My Presence ever near,

Keep listening mind wide open, 

So that you can hear.

Hear that you  are loved, dear,

That you are not alone,

Ways to bring God’s excellence, 

To all, His love is shown. 

You bring Transcendent Mind, dear,

When opening to Me, 

You bring the Whole of who you are,

Your true reality.

The energy of love, dear,

Flows through Me when you call,

God’s transforming power,

Permeates the All. 

Don’t limit Me to sometimes,

Just when you want to hear, 

I’m there with you for all times, 

We’re One, with Source, my dear. 

 Love is real, it’s practical, 

Its power flows on through,

Healing and redeeming, 

I’m here, all times, for you! 

7/19/22 Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others about this website.