Relax into Relationship

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

From The Book of Changes

Chapter 54 

Relax into Relationship 

As you learn of the constant availability of guidance and as you learn of the companionship so wonderfully there, begin to relax into our relationship and enjoy the companionship of it. Now it is sometimes difficult to be in a relationship in which the physical and the spiritual are viewed as different and as having different needs. It is sometimes felt that if guidance could come down and rub your back or stroke your hair, the reality of guidance would be so much greater, but the relationship is one of a spiritual nature. 

Now let us examine this some more. You are, in truth, a spiritual being having a physical experience at this time. But in all ways, you are spiritual. The nature of you is spiritual and so the causal aspect of your life is from the spiritual plane. Now the physical plane is where the manifestation is observed on that level and where the activities come forth there and so the spiritual begets the activities and events, etc. on the physical plane. How does this relate to our relationship? 

Well, as you feel into your spiritual nature, you will feel into our relationship and you will feel into the reality of it, the realness of it. It will feel right for you, the place of the correct movement, the forward movement, there. The place of succor, safety, support, security and the place of ever unfolding anew. How wonderful to embrace this and how wonderful to release the cares and worries of the three dimensional life into the intelligence and the love of the spiritual plane, our relationship there. 

There are many here who are working with you, your guide and others who have you in their mind’s eye. You are not singular there, dear one, truly you are not singular. Now you will embrace our relationship more and more as you turn lovingly here. You will embrace it and find no other place to be at home from. The warmth of this relationship, the companionship, the joy of this relationship is mighty there. 

I rejoice in our relationship. I rejoice and I am there for you unceasingly. What more could you want than this, dear one, what more could you want. I hear your requests there and I hear what you seek, what you desire. I know of what the true fulfillment will be for you and I hold the image lovingly there for you to see. As we, together, put into place what is necessary for your fulfillment, and as you see it coming into view on the horizon, you will rejoice! For what seemed impossible now is visible there. What seemed as a monumental task, now is seen as very doable and as you see how at peace you can be, you will rejoice. We are in this together, you and I. Never alone there, never alone. 

Relax into Relationship

If I seem far away from you,

My words you cannot hear,

Do not assume that I am gone—

That I’m no longer near.

Trying hard to connect with Me,

Brings ‘willfulness’ into play,

This stops My words from coming

It’s separation’s way. 

Willfulness and willingness,

A difference, “Can you see?”

Willfulness is ‘you’ in charge

Willingness ‘yields’ to Me.

Your peace within is needed,

 For us to talk, relate,

‘Thinking’ blocks My words there—

Let ego dissipate.

If words you cannot hear, dear, 

Still trust that I’m with you,

I will leave you never,

We’re intertwined, it’s true,

Just go about your day, dear,

Keeping Me in Mind,

As your dear companion,

And know that you will find,

My words will soon return, there,

Your peace will have been found,

I’ll speak and you will listen—

No longer ego bound. 

Let joy fill up your heart, dear,

Let your worry cease,

Relax into relationship,

Together, we’re at peace. 

In closing let Me say, there,

What you’ve already known,

I am with you always, 

You are not alone! 


7/27/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others  about this website.