Friday, July 22, 2022

From A New Beginning Teachings for Transformation  Volume I


We shall now discuss that aspect of your Infinitude which is your ability to engage in sexual relationships and what this means. Sexuality is a God-given aspect of human existence. Its purpose is to ensure that there are avenues for new Beings to come into your plane of existence. Its purpose is to allow the reincarnation of each one as they choose the experience of the three dimensional level of existence. 

Sexuality provides an opportunity for a man and a woman to join in the age old practice of physical intercourse. Sexual intercourse is considered one of the most enjoyable activities on your planet and drives many people in their daily lives. Sexuality has the capacity to bring together male and female for the ongoing bringing forth of the human race. What is there about the act of sex which is problematic to so many? I will tell you that many who engage in sexual acts are not involved with the people they are having sex with. This means that the act which is by its very nature one in which involvement is necessary often brings one to a place of engaging with disinterest in the well-being of the other. 

Because the nature of sexuality is that which has the capacity to bind people together, the participation with a partner you have little interest in causes great frustration and depression to be felt. There is a sense of lacking in this joining when love or involvement is not present. It is important that in the act of sex each one feels that this is where he/she wants to be and when that condition is not present sex should not be engaged in. Many people have the feeling that sex for pleasure is wrong. Sex for pleasure is not wrong if both partners are desirous of this. However, sex often brings along with it the need for a continuous and often oppressive relationship of dominance and submission which evolves into the roles which men and women play so often in their lives. 

It is with sadness that I can tell you that the Bible was written in a time when male dominance was the cultural rule. And so the times were as oppressive then as they are now. The verses in which the wife was told to be submissive to her husband were not meant to imply that the wife should in any way give up her sense of integrity and her sense of decision-making. The male-dominated society is not in any way more holy or more divinely ordained than a society when the women is dominant or where there is a coequal structure to relationships. 

I would encourage each one to look on their sexuality as an opportunity to engage in a part of their Infinitude as an equal partner and as an equal participant. Sexuality then can be enjoyed for the pleasures it brings and for the involvement that will naturally follow. There is for everyone someone to love and engage with. Asking your guidance to bring that one to you is entirely appropriate and is the best place to turn for this. Your guidance has the infinite view and in this view can be found the partner perfect for you . 

We shall now look on that aspect of your Infinitude which is your desire for the same or the opposite sex. 

A Tribute to Love

Let’s give homage, this day,

A heartfelt tribute to,

God’s meaning found within us,

Living love so true. 

It seeks no selfish ends there, 

It only serves to bless,

To heal, redeem, renew us,

To straighten out our mess. 

It gives without condition,

Fills all, holds nothing back,

God’s transforming energy,

With love, there is no lack. 

Our minds must open to it, 

It’s there if we but see,

We’re not separate from it, 

It’s our heredity. 

We’e blinded by defenses, 

A made up use of mind, 

That feeds our separation, 

Join Me, so we can find, 

Love fills your very being, 

God’s point of light you are,

He’s not separate from you,

You are His shining star. 

You’ll marvel at creation, 

This wondrous loving stream, 

God’s movement filled with meaning, 

Transformation’s beam.

I have come to guide you,

So turn within to Me,

I’ll lead you through the shadows,

You’ll know My constancy. 

You’ll know you’re not alone there,

You’ve found a friend so true,

Life takes on new meaning, 

And love will see us through.

This tribute to God’s love, there,  

Means hearts are open wide, 

We live connected to our Source,  

As One, we do abide! 

In closing of this tribute,

Let Me share what’s true, 

I am with you always, 

I have deep love for you. 


7/22/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.