Stay the Course

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

From The Book of Changes

Chapter 91 

Stay the Course 

Stay the course. This is truly an important thing to tell yourself as you proceed. You can so easily become distracted there by what appear as necessary and interesting things to be involved in. You can so easily be distracted and led into activities and behaviors that take you away from your true fulfillment. These things, though appearing to be necessary and of interest, truly, will provide only momentary satisfaction, and will not be that which will grant you true fulfillment. 

Now, we would urge you to stay the course, for it will take perseverance and determination. It will take a willingness to proceed with only your hope and your guidance there. For the world may not give you confirmation and indeed, may ignore you there, dismiss you as irrelevant and without purpose that can be related to. But you will know that you are not moving mindlessly through the maze there, nor the miasma of delusion. You will know that you are connecting and you will feel the perfect way of this. 

Come back again and again into that connection. Come back again and again. We will confirm to you that you are on track and will work with you and guide you lovingly there. Truly, it is for you to take seriously your calling and do not relegate it to the back burner of your life. We are with you there, dear one, all the way. We are with you and we want you to know of the truth of things. Now as you do so stay the course and as you do so willingly give of your time and of your talents, you will be blessed. Never alone there, dear one, truly never alone. 

Stay the Course

The roadmap of your life, dear,

Should not be thrown away,

Discarded as a tissue,

Outmoded, had its day. 

The course you chose, to join Me, 

To live in Unity,

Was not a flight of fancy,

’Twas forever meant to be.

The ego flashes ‘come here,’

 Let’s give this ride a spin,

Get off the ‘Jesus bandwagon,’ 

You know he’s a ‘has been.’

Says life’s a-passing by there, 

Why give up solo flight? 

Thrills are here a plenty,

Soar in your own delight.

The mind of separation, dear,

Has no foundation there, 

It’s made up of defenses, 

Quite simply, just hot air. 

It states its really you, there, 

Then claims uncertainty,

Shrugs its shoulders, laughs it off, 

Plays you, divisively. 

It takes determination,

To stay the course, you see,

Forsaking all distractions,

Choosing life with Me. 

Here you’ve found your truth, dear,

Your true identity,

Living from Transcendence,

With All, pure Unity. 

As long as we’re together, 

Love will lead our way,

We’ll follow where God leads us,

As One with Him each day. 

Joy is what we have, dear, 

We live with certainty,

Stay the course forever,

Throughout eternity. 

7/26/22. Given from Jesus.  Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.