The Call for Patience

Thursday, July 21, 2022

The Call for Patience

Have patience right within, dear,

Just relax, let worries go,

No need for anxious feelings, 

Live life and let it flow. 

God’s timing is His own, dear,

He knows the when and where,

Your house will sell most perfectly,

You’ll find another there.

Just focus on the ‘now’ dear,

Find peace, with Me, within,

Don’t listen to the ego,

Its faulty downward spin. 

There’s joy in daily living, 

When joined, in mind, with Me,

God’s love puts forth its beacon, 

So we can plainly see. 

We see the path before us,

It leads to the last door,

We’ll knock and it will open,

God’s Will, for you, in store.

These last years of your life, dear,

Great focus you will give,  

On telling of My Presence, 

In mind, so each can live,

With this Friend who loves them,

Who wants to wake each one, 

To whom they really are there, 

God’s family, daughter, son. 

You need just listen to Me, 

And follow guidance clear, 

We’re moving to God’s perfect plan,

So many now will hear. 

Each step will bring us closer,

Be patient now this day,

Focus on just listening, 

God’s love will point the way. 

Let me reassure you,

In closing of this poem, 

I am with you always, 

Together, we’re at home. 

7/21/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.