The Way Made Plain

Friday, July 1, 2022

From Something On Purpose

Chapter 73 

Rejoice in what is coming forth there for you and listen with intention to inner guidance. Now you will find that the way will be made plain and the course relayed to you. It is as you listen and open to receive that the way will be made plain. You must willingly want this, dear one, for we cannot force it on you, nor can we coerce you into it. You must willingly want our guidance and our togetherness, for forward movement to occur. You have found that what has come forth has led you to this place, this mindset, and you have rejoiced in it. 

Now you are at a point where you are faced with what seems like insurmountable challenges and with what seems like impossibilities, there. But I can tell you, that all things are possible to those who listen and follow guidance. 

I can tell you that what will come forth will be true wisdom there and will bring you to a joy that will be far-reaching in its gifting to others. You see, what you have to give is a gift that you have agreed to give before you came to the earth plane. It is a gift that you have agreed to give and a mission that you have said you would complete there. This is truly what and why you came to Earth there. It is truly why you were given birth at this time and in the place and in the circumstance you were brought into. 

And so, it is as you follow through, that you will find the sense of completion in what you have promised there. It is as you follow through, that you will be able to release the notion of incompleteness and open to receive your satisfaction and joy in a job will done. You must continue there, and you must realize the importance of what you came to do. 

It is not something of little consequence, nor is it something of a trifle there. It is significant, and so we would say to you to stay with your mission and follow through. We will guide you in this, dear one, truly, we will guide you in this. Let your commitment to listening be foremost in your mind, and let your joy be felt as you move forward there. Never alone, truly, never alone. 

The Way Made Plain

When a problem seems to overwhelm,

No answer yet, is clear,

Stay open for my guidance,

The forward way is near.

You’ve brought the problem to me,

I see more there than you,

The answer is forthcoming, 

Trust that it’s coming through. 

And when it comes, you’ll marvel,

The problem, now resolved,

For what had seemed impossible, 

Has easily been solved.

Each problem has an answer,

And clarity you’ll find, 

As we join together, 

With living love in Mind.

Love is the answer giver,

Its light will point the way,

It is God’s very meaning,

His Will made plain each day. 

Let not your heart be troubled, 

Abandon fear and fret, 

Abundantly God giveth, 

All needs, for you, are met.

Rest assured, I’m with you, 

What comes, as One, we’ll face,

Your problems, needs, and wants, there,

Are gone, with love’s embrace.

Your trust is really called for,

Yes, child-like it’s true, 

Yet trust’s the greatest wisdom,

Remember, I’m with you. 

Let’s close this poem with joy, dear,

The way ahead looks bright, 

God holds us in His keeping, 

And living love’s our light. 


7/1/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thankyou for telling others about this website.