You are on the God -path to awakening...

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

From The Resurrected

Chapter 58 

As you journey there and as you find your peace in your journey, you can be assured that you are traveling the God-path there. Each one has a destiny to fulfill and each one has a life of significance to live. Not in fame, nor in fortune, but in the movement towards Wholeness is the measure made. And so you all are involved in letting go of the mind set of limitaion, of separation, which will increase the Whole there. Of such significance is this to you and to your brothers and sisters, that words cannot convey it. 

Now will usher in an awakening of immense proportions, dear one, an awakening that will herald in our place in the universal scheme of things. But we must open up to embrace our heritage and our destiny, our unfolding, as created beings in the universe. We so want you to join us here and for you to understand the part you play, for your Earth is not a planet apart, nor is it a planet uninvolved, but it is that which is a part of the Whole, an intrinsic and invaluable part. Nothing left out in the fullness of God. 

The implications of this are immense and are always that which are desirable and perfect for you. No fear here, dear one, no fear of the unknown is called for. Now as you seek to know the truth of you and to experience your direct connection, let your life be felt as abided with. We are directing you, holding you, and supporting you as you do so willingly and of your own choosing come forth as that which is not separate. Let the isolation be released and feel into the truth there. Let this brief message of divine unfolding and its invitation to you be felt mightily and let us joy here this day. 

Awakening to Oneness

The planet is awakening,

From ignorance, so blind,

A dawning realization,

Of vast connected Mind.  

The search for greater meaning, 

And why we do exist,

Will bring us to a change point,

Erasing ego’s gist. 

We see all Minds connected,

One Universality,

Issuing forth from One Source,

Our true identity.

We shed the harsh illusion,

The erroneous belief,

That each one travels solo,

We feel a great relief! 

We embrace the truth of Oneness,

With joy, our minds, now fill, 

With God’s Transcendent Mindset,

We open to His Will.

We are His point of light there,

Right there, just where we are,

We open to His living love,

Our place, to be His Star.

This love will transform All there, 

Ever unfolding anew, 

At last we’ve found our meaning,

Awakening now is true! 

A little poem with big intent,

Please join within to Me,

You’ll move to full awakening, 

Your Sacred Destiny. 

In closing let Me reaffirm,

My love for you, well known,

I am with you always, 

You are not alone! 


7/5/22. Given From Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.  ( For more see, Awakening to Oneness, in Books page )