Your Treasure is Your Oneness

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Your Treasure is Your Oneness

I bring the greatest treasure,

For what I give to you,

Is what you cannot measure, 

I bring Transcendence’s View. 

I share a wealth of wisdom, 

And more than this I bring,

Living love pours through Me, 

Enlightens everything!

This love has priceless value,

God’s meaning coming through, 

His power of renewal, 

Is found, right there, in you!

A treasure without measure,

For who could count the ways,

Living love transforms, there, 

Heals, renews, and saves. 

Your treasure is your Oneness,

You see, you’re not apart,  

You’re One with the Transcendent,

With God, “How Great Thou Art!”

A million dollars in the bank,

Just numbers on a sheet,

Cannot give you greater joy,

Then living love, complete.

So join your mind with mine, dear,

Now separation’s gone, 

Joy in our Completeness, 

We sing, as One, God’s song. 

Your treasure is your Oneness,

We’ll clear the ego’s way, 

’Til separation’s thoughts, dear, 

Have blown, like dust, away.

In closing I will tell you,

I’m here, join now with Me, 

Open to your Oneness, 

Your perfect, whole, and free!

7/28/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.

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