A Grateful Heart

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

A Grateful Heart

Today I’ve a grateful heart, Lord,

For what was given me, 

A meal well cooked, and plenty,

And served so lovingly. 

Dining all together,

Such a happy atmosphere,

Makes the food taste better,

So glad that I am here. 

Meals on Wheels, the program,

Designed for seniors there,

Congregate, the dining, 

Good food for all to share.

Lord, I know you’re with us, 

Since intertwined are we,

The One includes the All, Lord,

 One happy family.

Let love pervade the room, Lord, 

Let it heal what’s broken here,

Renew, transform, redeem, us, 

God’s meaning coming clear. 

Forgive the harsh words spoken, 

The judgements ego makes, 

Let love for all pour forth,  Lord,  

’Twill cleanse our gross mistakes. 

Each sister and each brother,

Are precious Lord to thee,

Help us to cherish everyone, 

For we are family. 

In closing of this poem now,

I tell you you’re my own,

I am with you always,

 You are not alone.

8/3/22 Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.