Let Joy Come Forth...

Saturday, August 6, 2022

From The Book of Changes

Chapter 36 

Let Joy Come Forth 

There is joy to be had in the journey of your life. Embullient and filled with the forward feeling of connection and the fresh air of newness, always. As you journey with me there, let our time be a time of delight and may it not seem onerous to you. I delight in you as we journey together. I delight in you and I cherish you as my own. Now as you have decided to learn more of whom and what you are, let this journey of togetherness be felt as pleasing to you and as that which is lovingly embarked on. 

Now we would encourage you to not feel the burden of guidance, nor the absence of spontaneity and delight, but rather we would say to you that in all ways this journey is meant to be fun filled, meaningful and delightful. Why would you be involved here if the journey wasn’t delightful? Why would you be involved here if you were not able to find fun in the process? I would encourage you to abandon what seems to be heavy and duty bound attitudes and allow for the playful and the delightful feelings to come forth. 

It is sometimes difficult to think that life is meant to be fun and it is difficult to think that life is a movement of light and love, for you are bombarded there on all sides with what seem to be death and destruction, decay and corruption. All these things are pounded into you from your media and from your culture at large. 

There is now a movement underway to instill the mind set of sickness and disease there and the mind set of illness that will cause you to seek substances to cure you. From the simplest perceived malady to emotional changes to sexual dysfunction, the way of medicine and substances is portrayed as that which is necessary. 

Now I can tell you that you are a being of light and an energy system there that although biochemical, are indeed, first and foremost, electrical, energetic. And so the means to come into your health is through healing energies of light and love there. Healing energies are available to you freely, dear one, and can be accessed within your mind set, your guidance there. 

Now do not dismiss this as irrational and do not dismiss this as unproven, for indeed, I would invite you to ask for healing from your Source, from that which is the structure of you, the energetic field of love you abide in and that is accompanied by others to help you there. Now allow for your joy to be felt and allow for the healing powers to be felt as the energetic aspect of you. All will come into perfect order there and chaos will be transformed into perfect order. This is the truth of things. This is the truth. Allow for it to unfold there lovingly for you. All is well, all is well. 

Forever Joined, Forever Joy

Each time you join with Me, dear, 

You’ve opened up the door,

To your Transcendent Mindset,

Now love, like rain, will pour. 

Within, we join as One, dear,  

You’ll know My Presence there,

For joy will fill your mind and heart,

Love’s radiance lights the air. 

Even though our joining, 

May be well-known by you,

Not hum-drum, our connection,

Each time feels fresh and new.  

There is insolubility,

Our bond, by love, made One, 

We’re woven inextricably, 

Separation is undone.

Aloneness is a misnomer,

For it can never be, 

Joined with God, your birthright, 

You’re always bound with Me.

Our joining is a free-willed choice,

A choice for you to make, 

Choose your true identity,

Pure joy is what’s at stake! 

You’ll feel our bond as treasure, 

You’ll hold Me close to you,

Security, without measure, 

Now joined, your life feels true.

This message of our joining, 

Said so often there,

Is given for one reason, 

I love you, deeply care.

I’m waiting here within, dear,

Find peace, then ask Me in,

Our relationship of Oneness, 

At last, it can begin! 

In closing of this poem, dear,

I tell you what is true, 

Forever joined with love, dear, 

Forever joy with you.  


8/6/22 Inspired by Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.