Peace Like a Dove

Monday, August 1, 2022

Peace Like a Dove

My mind is filled with peace today,

No turbulence is there,

A quiet sense of fulness, 

And peace is everywhere.

No aches, no pains, no weariness, 

Just blissful peace I feel, 

Have I died, gone home, Lord?

Such peace, it seems unreal!  

No shadows there to darken,

This day, just light I see, 

This peace is vast and deep, Lord,

Shines on, so quietly.

It penetrates my heart zone, 

My mind, my body, too,

Creates a field of readiness,

For Your Presence to come through. 

This peace I’ll carry with me,

Yet it, I can’t command, 

Like a dove it enters,

And gently does it land, 

I receive it like a gift there, 

It fills me with its grace,

Lord, you’re whom I’m waiting for,

Your love, your kind embrace. 

There is a vast connection,

When this sweet peace is here,

I’m joined as One with All That Is,

And living love shines clear.  

Open up your mind, dear,

Let peace fill up that space,

Invite Me in, I’ll enter,

Find joy in this dear place!

In closing I can tell you,

I love you as My Own, 

In peace, I’m with you always

You are not alone.

8/1/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this