There is a Better Way...

Thursday, August 4, 2022

From The Book of Changes

Chapter 53 

There is a Better Way 

How important is coming into guidance for you? We will answer this question in this lesson. The importance of your guidance cannot be over estimated. For your guidance is what will allow for the direct forward movement of you into your Wholeness, your Completeness. Your guidance is what will allow for you to find deep meaning and purpose in your life and your guidance will lovingly guide you through the circumstances you are in that cause you difficulties and dilemmas.  Your life is truly lived in its most perfect way as it is lived in alignment with your Source, your guidance.

Now do not think that you are one who does not need this, and do not think that you are immune to what could be called a need for spirituality, the divine aspect of life. For you are always directly that which lives and moves from this place of being, this spiritual plane. You have been taught that what is visible to you is what is the truth of you, and you have been taught that your physical senses are what are to be trusted. 

And yet, you have then had to rationalize your life as that which suffers and goes through things which are just part of human nature. You think that the hardships you have undergone are necessary and are that which are also endured by others, all who are a part of the human family. And so, you accept much of life as inevitable and as that which is just part of existence there. 

Now depression and disease and disillusionment are viewed as that which all must go through and are always here to haunt you if defenses are not put into place to ward them off. And so, many strategies are put into place to keep feelings at bay. Activities and relationships and substances are tried and new adventures are sought out to keep the feelings of dullness and incompleteness away. 

Life then becomes a roller coaster of excesses followed by withdrawal and periods of abstinence. Frequently, often, these habits of substances return, and the need to seek treatment or diversion appears again, and so the cycle continues. Is this all there is, you ask? Is this the meaning of my life here? Must I engage in these self destructive activities, again and again? 

It is to this question that the answer is given to you. No, dear one, there is a better way. There is a better way to get through the hardships and the difficulties there and the way is to turn to guidance, lovingly, consistently available guidance there, so ready to help you and guide you through the turbulence you feel. 

I am here for you and I do have for you, much that is of the greatest help. Of all the things I can tell you, the best news is that you are not alone there and you are met with many others who will help you along the way. We here, who exist on the spiritual plane, have for you so much love and care and so much concern. We want you to learn of the truth of you and the Wholeness of you as you live. For this is where you will find the answer so truthful there. You are not alone, dear one, truly, you are not alone. We love you with a love that is pure and with your own interest at heart. And so, the call is to turn inward now, and ask for the love to come forth there for you, mightily. You are truly held in our hearts. Never alone, truly, never alone. 

The Sacred Way

Choose for the sacred way each day,

This means to join with Me,

Choose your Transcendent Mindset,

Divinely held, are we.

This way will bring God’s meaning,

And love will lead the way,

Shedding light to All there, 

Each day, the sacred way.

Lit by love’s great power,

Healing will shine through,

Transforming and redeeming,

Making all things new. 

My Presence with you always,

Means you’re not alone, 

I’ll hold you close, I’ll guide you,

Until the truth is known.

The truth that you’re divine, dear,

You’re One with God, with Me,

There is no separation,

You’re perfect, whole, and free.

Free to choose your path, dear,

Whole, you’re joined with Me, 

The sacred way, perfection,

Claim your identity!

Now, this very moment,

Let peace within be found, 

Choose to join with Me, dear,

At last, we’re glory bound!

I love you without measure,

And that is why this call,

You are my dearest treasure

I give to you my all. 

The sacred way we’ll journey,

Joy will fill each day,

Now and for forever,

God’s love will light our way! 


8/4/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.