'Twill be a Grand Finale

Friday, August 5, 2022

’Twill be a Grand Finale

Soon you will be moving,

’Twill not be long, my dear,

The time to move is coming,

I see it oh so near. 

I’ll show you your new home, dear,

‘Twill fit you perfectly,

Simple in its makeup,

Allows you to be free.

No longer work to do there,

It comes designed to be,

Easy to keep up and live,

A place of harmony.

Your time on earth that’s left, dear,

Will be a time to give,

To tell others of My Presence,

So that they can live,

In peace, with joy, and truth there,

At last, they will be home,

In perfect habitation,

Alone, no more, to roam. 

The completion of your life, dear,

Will not whimper to the end,

’Twill be a Grand Finale,

You’ll soar high, and then, transcend.

So today the steps you take there,  

Take them joined with Me,

Let’s not waste a moment,

Purposeful, we’ll be.  

Don’t settle into old ways,

Just listen to what’s true,

Follow what is given,

Life unfolds brand new!

Let’s joy in life together,

And welcome each new day,

Love will lead us onward,

We’ll move, as One, God’s way. 

8/5/22. Inspired by Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.