We are Family...

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

From The Book of Changes

Chapter 37 

We are Family 

Do not feel that your life is in any way that which is extraneous to the movement of your Source. Not a life that is incidental nor held apart as unnecessary there. It is truly a life that is held close to me and close to those on the spiritual plane that are working there with you. You are of importance to us and you are truly invaluable to the Allness, the Wholeness, of whom we are. 

Now you may think that these are words of encouragement and are words to instill meaning there for you, and indeed, this is true. But of much greater significance are you to us than that. You see, your life is truly meant as that which is of the greatest importance for without you we are not complete. Now our completeness is there but it is as you open up to it and acknowledge it, that we can feel you as that which is a part of us. So we are working earnestly, to give you and give us, your willing participation and your knowing of the truth of you. 

Now we surround you, dear one. We surround you in and through. You are not left out in the cold, the no man’s land, without true brotherly and sisterly love there for you. You are included in this family. You are included in the loving embrace of us. Now our urgent message to you is to open up to receive this, for in opening up, you will be blessed. Open to receive the bountiful and beneficial blessings there for you. 

Why would you not want the gifting given to you? Only as you have lived without knowing of it. For as you begin to open up, even a little, the panorama of your life will be viewed before you and you will wonder about it. You will engage your curiosity and you will open to more. 

Now we will show you, as you allow for it to come forth, the connection, the relationship, so wonderfully there. Now you will feel into the safety and the succor of our love for you and you will feel into the dynamic and yet peaceful life there, ready and waiting for you. Now we want you to feel into the truth of this and we want you to experience the knowing of this, dear one. Come here and come home. Never alone there, dear one, truly never alone. 

Intrinsic Value

You have intrinsic value, 

Not based on what you’ve done,

Inherent in your being, 

Because with God you’re One.

Do not feel incidental,

As just another face,

You’re priceless to your Maker, 

His jewel, of brilliant grace! 

Not separate to be judged there,

Nor held out at arm’s length, 

God’s bound with you in Oneness,   

Pours forth His love, His strength. 

 When others have forgotten,

You’re left as one aside,

Turn your mind to Me, dear, 

My arms are open wide. 

Don’t wallow in self pity,

No call for feeling low,

I hold you there as family, 

My love, so well, you know.

Try reaching out to others,

Put forth your love, your joy,

’Twill be a certain antidote,

To ego’s caustic ploy. 

Loneliness will cease there,

As love sets all things right,

Gone is all unworthiness,

You’re perfect in God’s sight. 

So raise you eyes to mine, dear,

Let love’s light lead the way,

Together, we’ll move forward.

In joy, as One, each day. 

You have intrinsic value,

You’re vital there to Me, 

I will love you always, 

We’re joined, eternally. 


8/2/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.