At This Very Moment

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

At This Very Moment

Right there where you are sitting,

With you, I’m intertwined,

Realize I’m with you,

Transcendence there, you’ll find. 

I’m not off in the heavens,

Absorbed with other things, 

Choose for Me, your Wholeness,

To see what joining brings.

Aloneness will be gone now,

This truly, such good news, 

All life is shared together, 

I’m asking you to choose. 

Choose for letting go there, 

Of ego and its sting, 

This false and flimsy mindset,

States it, alone, is king. 

A system of defenses,

Not a real presence there,

Developed out of hate and fear,

It’s truly, just hot air.

Find peace, when mind is quiet,

Then let Me be your choice,

I’m ready there to guide you, 

And soon you’ll hear My Voice. 

As you get to know Me, 

No judgement will you hear,

Only what’s truly helpful,

I bring good news, good cheer!  

Together we’ll untangle,

The lies that stop the light,

And soon the veil will thin, dear,

God’s truth, will shine so bright!  

You’ll know you’re not alone, dear,

That you move, with Source, with Me,  

You’re One with your Creator,

Held perfect, whole, and free. 

So at this very moment,

Quiet thinking mind,

Open up to Me, dear,

True love, at last, you’ll find. 

9/27/22. Given from Jesus, Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.