Fulfilling mission brings great joy...

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 32 

There will be signs and signals along the way that you are on track. We will be working with you to bring to you, recognition of our involvement with you. These signs and signals will be given as we see that verification and validation is needed. We want you to know that we are working with you mightily, and that you are not alone on your mission, the assignment you have chosen with your counsellors on the spiritual plane, before you incarnated on Earth. Always, what you are involved with, will bring love into play and benefit others. 

How will you know that you are in touch with your mission, and that you have not made a mistake and followed a false idea? It will be abundantly clear, for you will feel a certainty that you have ‘got it.’ The work that needs to be done will not be as arduous as it may seem at the outset, and the doors will open for you if what you are involved in is meant to occur. There will be a feeling of forward movement and the zestful energy to proceed will follow. 

Now there will be those who will tell you that you are off track or missing out, for they see a focus that must, by its very nature, narrow activities and interests to what is needed to proceed, there. Do not be persuaded to dilute your gifting in hopes of pleasing others, even those you love and who are family there. What you are not doing as a result of your dedicated focus, could never compare to what you are doing as you follow your inward star, your mission, and the Voice for Truth. 

Fulfilling your mission will give you satisfaction and joy as nothing else could. There is a tendency to settle into the work and lose the dynamic quality of it as you continue on over weeks, months, and years. It is necessary to ask for daily renewal, and to renew your commitment to what is there for you to do. There may be a time when your work takes a back burner to what else is unfolding in your life. Do not fear, you will return, you will return. You have made a commitment and this commitment is written on the template of your Mind there, deep within, and will never leave you. 

Ask daily, ‘Show Me the way forward on my mission and let me move forward with your guidance, Lord.’ All will move forward there and the pace may indeed accelerate as you do so engage, fully. Let us now look at what you will be called on to do. 

Continue With Your Mission

Count on continued blessings,

Count on My Presence there,

We have a gift to give, dear,

We have so much to share.

Don’t let your focus waver,

Let ego’s scheme’s be gone! 

Its distractions are a defense, 

Will surely steer you wrong!

Stay close, in touch, with guidance,

We have so much to do!

We want to tell the others,

I’m there, for each, it’s true!

To tell them through your witness,

That directly I am there,

That I will guide them, help them,  

Bring each, my loving care.

I’ve been your dear companion,

Throughout these many years, 

We’ve shared so much together, 

Shared laughter, joy, and tears.

So continue with your mission,

Writing, staying true, 

It’s been a life worth living,

With love, let’s follow through.  

A few more years of living,

Is all there is, dear one, 

Let’s use these years in giving,

Until your mission’s done. 

Don’t waver and don’t wander,

’Twill just cause you delay,

Move forward with intention, 

Let’s give the gift each day! 

In peace we will deliver,

What’s truly helpful there, 

We’ll find our joy together,

Each day, our love, we’ll share.  

In closing I will tell you,

To all of you I’ve known, 

Always, I am with you,

You are not alone


9/28/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling  others of this website.