Guided words can clear the way...

Friday, September 30, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 33 

You will be called on, first and foremost, to listen. Each situation will be different and each set of circumstances will call for a guided approach, so you will not be able to settle into a pattern of what to say and how to say it. Your mission will call for an original approach in everything you do. You cannot become an automaton there, spouting words that you are familiar with, but are not appropriate for the situation at hand. Eventually, this will be freeing, for you will trust that what unfolds is guided and cannot be the wrong thing to have done or said. Even if you are not validated by your others there, you will know what you did or said was the right thing. 

We are looking from the transcendent view and we know what the others you are faced with have in their lives and where they are in their unfolding. We know the ideas that will spark their interest and lead them to greater opening. We know the hangups and the misconceptions that serve as obstacles to the free flow of living love to come through. Your guided words can serve as road block busters and clear the way for greater insight and unfolding, for guidance to sink in and take hold. 

Always, you will be coming from the place of love for these others, and will have their best interest at heart. Now as you connect to me in your mission, you will be coming from your Wholeness, the Whole of the Father. You cannot operate as a solo one who connects, but is separate there, nor can I give you guidance as a solo one, there. We are in it together with our Wholeness, for He lives and moves as One Whole Entirety. 

You could say that God is a spiritual unfolding of meaning— a meaning that encompasses the Allness. Your job, your mission is to be that point of light, right where you are, where God’s meaning comes into the world. You are to be that substance of living love which you are, shining through from Source, and bringing transformation, and renewal to all that you come in contact with, who also are this living love, but may not be aware of it yet. So to look on your others as your brothers and sisters is appropriate. 

We are working with you to ready you for giving your gift, your mission there, and we are working with you to reinforce the importance of this most vital gift to give. We are verifying and validating again and again, the importance, the need for you to act with urgency, but also tranquility, in this mission you have agreed to.We are with you all the way, dear one, all the way. 

Continue With Your Mission

Count on continued blessings,

Count on My Presence there,

We have a gift to give, dear,

We have so much to share.

Don’t let your focus waver,

Let ego’s scheme’s be gone! 

Its distractions are a defense, 

Will surely steer you wrong!

Stay close, in touch, with guidance,

We have so much to do!

We want to tell the others,

I’m there, for each, it’s true!

To tell them through your witness,

That directly I am there,

That I will guide them, help them,  

Bring each, my loving care.

I’ve been your dear companion,

Throughout these many years, 

We’ve shared so much together, 

Shared laughter, joy, and tears.

So continue with your mission,

Writing, staying true, 

It’s been a life worth living,

With love, let’s follow through.  

A few more years of living,

Is all there is, dear one, 

Let’s use these years in giving,

Until your mission’s done. 

Don’t waver and don’t wander,

’Twill just cause you delay,

Move forward with intention, 

Let’s give the gift each day! 

In peace we will deliver,

What’s truly helpful there, 

We’ll find our joy together,

Each day, our love, we’ll share.  

In closing I will tell you,

To all of you I’ve known, 

Always, I am with you,

You are not alone


9/30/22.  Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling  others of this website.