In Peace, I'm Well, In Thee

Thursday, September 29, 2022

In Peace, I’m Well, In Thee

I have a sore throat, Father, 

Minor though it be,

Aches and pains in limbs, Lord, 

Some stiffness in the knee.

Of course you know this, Father, 

For plainly you can see,

We’re intertwined, together,

As One, inseparably.

And so I ask for healing,

Let living love come through,

Its power of redempton,

Will make this body new.

You’re holding me in Mind, Lord,

As perfect, whole, and free,   

And so I claim this birthright,

It’s how I’m supposed to be.

These ailments can’t be real, Lord, 

I disregard this view, 

I know from past experience,

That soon I’ll feel brand new.

I join in peace with you, Lord,

As One, in love, divine,

These aches and pains now gone, Lord,

And now, I’m feeling fine!

I thank you for your Presence,

My Counselor, Guide, and Friend, 

You are The Great Physician,

With love, you do attend. 

Hold me close to you, Lord,

You embrace so tenderly,

Safe, secure, forever, 

At peace, I’m well, in Thee. 

9/29/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.