The Necessary Five

Monday, September 26, 2022

From With Love in he Oneness

Chapter 31 

Let us discuss the issue of trust in this chapter. Trust will be called on in all that unfolds. You will not know the outcome of what you are involved in, for we here, on the spiritual side, also do not know specifically, what will unfold. However, we can say that your intentions are known and we too, trust that the powers of living love will lead the way. Let us review again what is involved here. 

Trust is necessary, that is, to go forward believing that the perfect unfolding will occur, and disregarding doubts and what has happened historically as what is to come. Your intention with what you are involved in is a necessary ingredient, also. Your intention ‘blazes the trail’ for forward movement, there. You must fully intend for your mission to get given and your goals to be reached. You know in your heart of hearts, that you are the substance of living love, and with this love as your substance, there is infinite power to set things right, to heal and make whole, and bring order out of chaos —to bring renewal and transformation on all fronts. 

So we have trust, intention, living love, divine purpose, and the joined mindset as our engines of manifestation. Now you bring your energy, your zeal, your commitment, and your efforts into play, listening always for The Voice for Truth, there. Yet, in order to hear clearly, you must be at peace, and so paradoxically, you must be without tension and stress and must be at ease. 

You know that what you have to give is a true gift there. You know that many, even millions, could benefit from your gift, and so you continue on, knowing that you are a point of light in which Source is the All of Light. Wherever you go, what ever you do, you carry this Allness of Light with you. You turn to the Allness for your strength and your truth and your foundational support. What normally from separation could have taken years, now seems to be done in a short time frame. Time has been eclipsed and amazement is felt as the perfect outcome comes into view. Now on all fronts, renewal is experienced. What is said here is the truth, dear one, and not wishful thinking, nor some preposterous and extravagant claim said from an egomaniac, there. This is the truth from me, Jesus. This is the truth, coming through this woman, to you. 

The Necessary Five

Five things are necessary,

For bringing forth the new,

Each one builds on the others,

In bringing newness through.

Five ways to hold your mind there,

To manifest God’s will,

Each one a powerful engine,

God’s meaning to fulfill. 

It’s necessary to trust, there,

Intention must be clear,

Spiritual guidance is needed, 

For divine purpose to appear.

Lastly, there is living love,

A powerhouse for sure, 

This engine of renewal,

Clear’s what’s been obscure. 

Trust my spiritual guidance,

Intend God’s will be known,

Knowing His great purpose,

Through living love is shown. 

There is no certain order,

No sequential time display,

All held in mind together,   

Manifestation makes its way.

The answers, needs, desires there,

Are given in His time,

There’s joy in what unfolds for you,

You’ll find such peace sublime. 

Now you’ll see the light, dear,

You’ll find just who you are,

You’ll know your true identity,

God’s point of light, His star.

You’ll move as One with Him, dear,

You’ll answer to His call,

Letting love flow through you,

Serving the One, whose All. 

Five engines of manifesting,

No greater gift to give,

Than opening All to Oneness,

So that All can live, 

And be as God intended,

Filled up with love so sweet

Embracing one another,

At last, as One, complete.

In closing, let Me tell you 

Again, what you have known, 

I love you now and forever,

You are not alone. 


9/26/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thankyou for telling others of this website.