To Walk A Mile

Sunday, September 25, 2022

To Walk a Mile

Someone needs your help today.

An old one needs your care.

Perhaps it’s clipping toenails,

Or combing out his hair. 

It may be cleaning up his place,

His bed is wet, a mess, 

It’s clear he can’t remember much,

More than forgetfulness. 

So call on Me to join you,

In mind, I’m there with you, 

Living love’s the energy.

To help this dear one through. 

All that is disordered,

His hopeless point of view, 

Means living love is called for, 

To heal, redeem, renew.

It’s truly not a bother,

When love is brought to bear,

To give care to another,

There’s joy in giving there. 

Your love has paved the way, dear,

For you to really care,

To walk a mile in his shoes,

To know his burden’s there.

Listen, learn, and laugh, dear,

He is a gift to you,

For as you give you get there, 

Love’s healing even you!

I’m with you now and always, 

Close as One are we,

We journey on forever,  

Love lights our destiny. 

9/26/22 Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.