A Brand New Year

Sunday, January 1, 2023

A  Brand New Year 

We’re standing at the threshold,

Of what is yet to come,

Infinite possibility,

Love’s where it all comes from!

Harbor no resistance,

To what will come this year,

Joined as One, together,

We’ll be at peace, my dear. 

Each day will be a blessing,

As love reveals the new, 

A marvelous unfolding, 

Is what’s in store for you. 

The winds of change won’t harm you,

Nor cause you any stress, 

Each challenge you encounter,  

My guidance will address.

If troubled waters face you,

A bridge, for you, I’ll be,

‘Till safely on the other side,

 Walk hand in hand, with Me. 

Strength, you will be given,

Your needs, well met, each day,  

God reveals the journey,

Love’s radiance lights our way. 

“Tis in the present moment, 

The instant we call ‘now,’

Where fulfillment is experienced,

Transcendency is ‘how.’

It comes when joined with Me, dear,

Your separate mind is done, 

Love flows direct from Source, dear,

You realize you are One! 

One with your Creator,

One, as God so willed,

Moving from your Maker, 

You’re now, with bliss, fulfilled! 

In closing, let Me share again, 

I’m here, right now, for you,

Let’s welcome in this brand new year, 

God’s love will shine on through!

1/01/23. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.