All Will Be Accomplished

Thursday, January 19, 2023

All Will Be Accomplished

You’ll have energy aplenty,

To do all you want to do,

When opening up to Me, dear,

And letting love flow through. 

I’ll guide you in your movement,

All that needs to be done, 

All will be accomplished, 

You’ll even find it fun!

Because you’re not alone, dear,

Each task that’s done we share,

Burdens now are light, dear,

Love lightens the load we bear.

The energy of love, dear,

God’s meaning coming through,

Gives healing and redemption,

Pours forth, makes all things new.

So as you feel lethargic,

Just want to sleep and rest,

Call on Me to guide you,

In what, for you, is best. 

I’ll give you understanding,

What God would have you do, 

Let go of ceaseless striving,

Let the light of love lead you. 

I see you contemplating,

Quietly sitting there,

Until you feel the movement,

Stay sitting in your chair.

You needn’t rush around this day,

 We’ll move when time is right, 

For now just sit and be with Me, 

 Let’s joy in love’s delight. 

In closing I will tell you,

Love pours forth from the One,

All will be accomplished,

Your mission will be done. 

01/19/23. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.