Body of Light

Monday, January 23, 2023

From Awakening to Oneness


What a wonderful chapter this will be as it brings to you news about your Light Body, that body which you really are. This body is composed of energy which has as its substratum the Movement of the Father. This energy is composed of Light, the Light of Meaning. 

How could meaning be energy, you ask? Well, meaning has the properties of matter in that it is able to take form and has substance. On the earth plane matter is regarded as that which has unique properties of energy associated with it. On the spiritual plane this energy is not visibly and tangibly experienced but is experienced as the Movement of Meaning. Your experience of the Light Body can be felt as you get into the fourth-dimensional frame of reference which is the state of Conscious Awareness minus your conditioned thinking, most easily achieved in the state of meditation. 

Your Light Body is not in any way derived from anything that you have done to create it. It is the original of you that has been since the beginning. It is the eternal body that has always been the expression of the Father individualized as you. Your Light Body is not separate from the Father but it is experienced individually. Again, the substratum of this body is the Movement of the Father/Mother God, the Everlasting, the All in All. 

When you become fully awake or enlightened you will feel your body as the body of infinite possibility and infinite fulfillment experienced simultaneously. The awareness that All are One will be the dominant joy, and the sadness at those not experiencing this will be the focus or motivation for how you will channel your attention. For increasing this joy is bringing into Conscious Awareness the Allness of the Father. So you can see why bringing this book into fruition is so important to us, for it will enable more and more on the earth plane to open up to the experience of their Light Body, the Movement of All That Is. Finally and most importantly this Movement of Meaning is the Movement of Love. The Father is Love, and you are Love, infinitely expressed and infinitely expressing. 

Now we shall discuss that aspect of your divinity which is the inescapable truth that you are never alone. You are always accompanied and companioned with. 

 Filled with Meaning

Each moment of your day, dear,

Will overflowing be,

With God’s energy of meaning, 

Love’s radiant vibrancy. 

When you have joined with Me, dear, 

The flood gates open wide,

Living love pours through, there, 

An all engulfing tide. 

Doubt and fear are gone now,

Joy lights up the air,

Infinite possibility,

Unfolds everywhere.

We live and move with sacred trust,

Following God’s will,

Love’s light leads ever onward,

Our purpose to fulfill.

Now we’ve found the reason,

Why we’re what we are, 

We’re meant to be God’s meaning,

His point of light, His star. 

The light of love God giveth,

Is gentle, yet filled with power,  

Can move a mighty mountain,

Can bloom a tiny flower. 

Join with Me within, dear, 

We have God’s work to do,

Now’s the time to open, 

I’m waiting here for you. 

In closing, let Me tell you,

I love you, deeply care,

I am with you always, 

Forever I am there. 



01/23/23. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.