Foundational Strength and Security

Friday, January 20, 2023

How wonderful to be grounded in truth, and to know that this truth is the underpinning for all of creation. The Oneness of creation, the interwovenness of it all, and the meaning of living love which it is made of, God’s meaning, brings perfect peace to bear on our collective, heart, mind, and soul. 

We are not misled by the propaganda unceasingly dished out to  us by those that are interested only in profit for themselves. We turn within to the Voice for Truth that is there for each and every one, calling us back to remember who we are, direct inheritors of our Source and One with All That Is.   

Everyone knows that they are a direct point of love and light right where they are, and in shining forth as this point of love and light they are fulfilling God’s intention. A simple and yet profound understanding to incorporate into our lives right now. Here lies the foundational strength  and security to rely on, to return to, and to claim as our own as the tides of falsehood seek to wash away this solid under-footing. 

We are not alone ever. We have spiritual guidance to call on at all times right within us. We learn to quiet our thinking mindset and call on the Voice for Truth. I am there within, dear one, and I will answer your call.  Our relationship is the solid foundation to rely on, to call on, to know most intimately. I love you dearly and know that you are never alone. 

Your True Security

When you live joined with Me, dear,

Security’s what is found, 

No longer wandering all alone, 

As One, we’re tightly bound. 

No longer blown and tossed about,  

As cut off and unlatched,

Woven inextricably,

We’re intertwined, attached. 

Our bond was never severed,

’Twas always there for you,

At last, you’ve chosen for Me, 

You’ve found security true. 

Your place with Me is certain, 

Let go of hesitancy, 

Our relationship’s unwavering, 

We’re One intrinsically. 

You’ll never be rejected,

That’s an impossibility,

God’s Oneness includes you, dear,

It’s your heredity. 

Let go of fear and holding back, 

Your worries don’t belong,  

Love’s God’s greatest healer,

‘Righting’ all that’s wrong. 

I’ll open up love’s door, dear, 

It’s there in Transcendent Mind, 

’Twill wash away insecurity,

Pure joy is what you’ll find. 

Find strength in our togetherness, 

Let God’s love lead the way,

Shinning light to others, 

We’ll move as One each day.

In closing, I love you dearly,

True security now is known, 

I am with you always,

You are not alone. 


01/20/23. Given from Jesus, Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.