Life is a shared experience always...

Sunday, January 8, 2023

How  wonderful to know that no matter what unfolds in your life you need not go through it alone. Life is a shared experience as you turn within to Me, dear one. You may have felt alone at times and even wondered if life was worth the effort,  but I can tell you that your life is a gift of love, and can be experienced as joined with your Maker, always. This releases the burdens felt and allows you to let go of the responsibility to make it all happen by yourself.  

I am calling on you to look at the world with new eyes and a new mind, for it is as you bring to bear on your life, the living love energy that is inherently yours, you will see the majesty and the mystery and the glory of life as it unfolds so wonderfully there for you. This new mind is found as you let go of ego and join with Me, dear one, within. Here you are joined with the Transcendent, moving in and through you, out into the world, with original ideas and authenticity felt specifically suited to your circumstances there.

You now are truly a Co-Creator with your Source as you are meant to be.  The hours, days, and weeks now are exhilarating to experience as you marvel at what is unfolding so easily for you there. Easily and seemingly without effort life unfolds in all its glory. Each day is looked forward to and felt with a thankful and expectant heart. Most wonderfully, you are aware of our companionship and the togetherness in which all has unfolded. You feel the Oneness of our relationship and the forever love that is there for you. This is how life is meant to be lived, dear on. This is how your Creator moves in and through the world as you. Bring this love, bring this light, and bring the glory of the gifts you have to give to the world. I love you dearly, and know that you are never alone. 

Meant to Live Connected

You hold the truth within you,

When joined with Me you’ll hear,

Transcendent Mind, your Wholeness, 

This is you, my dear. 

You see, you are not separate,

To go it all alone, 

You move as one connected,

To God, you are His own. 

We’re bound as One forever,

Yet you are truly free,

You’re not a programmed being, 

You choose for how you’ll be.

Free will, this gift you’re given,

I will not over ride,

But you must choose to listen, 

To have Me by your side. 

Freely, I am here, dear,

Freely, My love is true,

Freely, you must ask for Me, 

In peace, I’ll answer you. 

I see right where you are, dear,

What’s keeping you apart,

I see where love can clear the way, 

Can give a brand new start. 

You’re meant to live connected,

Sheds not your identity,

But brings about alignment,

With whom you’re meant to be. 

You’ll feel at last your home, dear,

Longing now will cease.

No longer all alone, dear, 

With Me you are at peace. 

Lastly, I implore you,

To come, to join with Me, 

Find joy this very moment,

’Tis where you’re meant to be. 


1/8/23.  Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.