Messages meant to lead you to Me directly...

Monday, January 2, 2023

   The new year brings with it renewed hope and expectation of good things to come. Always, we carry our mindset joined with our Transcendence and open to receive what God wills for us. We carry the knowledge of our Oneness as foundational to whom we are, and in this we feel our deep and unwavering security. No longer adrift in the mindset of separation, peace is our constant companion.

Readers, we will be embarking on an adventurous year filled with new insights and understanding as each day unfolds. It will be a journey without distance but with far-reaching implications for your greater unfolding there. The red thread of continuity will be the constant, ongoing invitation, encouragement, to turn within to Me directly. I am here to know each one of you directly and guide you specifically in each one of your lives. As your willingness increases to open to Me daily, and even many times a day, our relationship will blossom and bear fruit, dear one. How wonderful to know you are not alone to go it alone ever! 

   You are called on to be that point of light, right where you are, where living love shines through. If everyone would be that, how renewed the world would be, and how filled with marvelous transformation on so many levels! Now is the time to turn inward to Me and invite Me in. These messages are meant to be the jumping off point where you are now with Me in your own life in all that you are involved with. They will call on you again and again to join with Me directly, dear one. Let us go forward together with joy this year filled with possibility and hope as love leads us ever onward to what God wills for us. I love you dearly, and know that you are never alone!

Great Expectations


Doubt not that I am with you, 

That together, we will share,

A marvelous unfolding,

Expect fulfillment there.

Expect the answer given,

Will meet, exceed the need,

Together we’ll rejoice, there,

To where love’s light will lead. 

Expect the good, relax, dear, 

Worries and doubts release,

Find your peace with Me, there,

Let trust and faith increase.

Yes, the answer’s perfect,

But soon you’ll realize, 

That Oneness is the treasure,

Our relationship’s the prize.

You have Me with you always,

I’m not a sometime friend, 

I’ll answer to your calling, 

Our love will never end. 

The greatest expectation,

And one that’s alway’s true, 

Is that My love’s unceasing,

I’m constantly with you. 

Just go about your life, dear,

We’re joined, as One, each day,

Expect the unexpected,

As love fulfills, God’s way. 

This poem will end in saying,

I love you now ’tis true, 

I will never leave, dear,

I’m alway there with you. 


1/2/23. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others about this website.