Today we celebrate Martin Luther King...

Monday, January 16, 2023

Today we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther KIng. He was one who turned within often to listen for the Voice for Truth. I knew him well. I can tell you from where I am here in the spiritual realms, that his mission was a mighty one and one that made a real difference to so many, and continues to do so, even now.  He, like his namesake, Martin Luther, had the courage to stand up to the power structure, the status quo, and call out hatred, bigotry, and injustice. 

He understood that all are equal, all are children of the Creator, and all deserve to be treated equally, with love, honor, and respect. He understood that what affects one affects the whole. He preached this even unto his untimely death at the hands of an assassin. 

To honor such a man is a good thing and allows us to bring to mind what he stood for.  I can tell you that he understood the idea of Oneness, and in his call for nonviolence he validated our true nature as beings of peace. I am calling on each one of you to turn within to Me and find your calling, your mission, and your contribution to give. 

Each one has a calling, a purpose, there and each one came to the earth to give his or her gift to the world, to each other. As you go within to Me I will help you there and we will together discover your purpose, dear one, Each one is a point of love and light, right where he or she is.  Let us look on the life of Martin Luther king as a life of true purpose and meaning for us. He gave us his light and love, even unto his death. I love you dearly, and know that you are never alone,

Have You Found Your Calling?

Each person has a mission, 

A calling there, a gift,

To help a hurting world, 

To heal the gaping rift. 

The rift of separation,

Of minds felt all alone,

To bring them back to Oneness,

Where love’s light will atone. 

The gifts of love well given, 

Come forth in many ways,

Each person brings uniqueness, 

In how this love displays. 

The gifts each one will bring there,

Intrinsic to that one,

Will help and heal the broken,

Allow God’s Will be done. 

Have you found your calling? 

Has clarity filled your mind?

In how your gifts are given? 

With Me, you’ll surely find, 

The truth of why you came here,

To live on earth again,

I’ll tell you of your mission, 

So we can now begin,

To give your gifts in earnest,

As God would lead you there, 

It’s never too late for love, dear, 

It’s power, beyond compare! 

Your calling, so important,

Your gifts help others live,

Meant for you to share, dear,

Bestowed on you, to give. 

I am here right with you,

To guide you every day,

In what is your sure calling,

Love will light our way! 


01/16/23. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.