What Happens at Death

Saturday, January 21, 2023

From Awakening to Oneness


At the point where your physical body dies, your Spiritual Body enters a state of relative peace as it leaves the three dimensional plane. The Spirit experiences awareness that it no longer is housed in the physical body and is relieved of this. Then the Spirit enters the time of acclimation, review and rest. 

When the Spirit is ready it counsels with those assigned to it and comes to a new opportunity for further growth or unfolding. The movements then are individually experienced as the ever unfolding movement of the Father infinitely expressed. However, this experience of forever unfolding does not need to wait for death to be experienced, for we have that opportunity right here and right now. You are already in the place where you can experience the fourth dimension or the invisible plane. As you enter into your state of Conscious Awareness and begin to feel into this place of divine peace, you will understand the words written here. 

The most important thing to remember about death is that it is a choice made by you at some level, either conscious or unconscious. You will come to feel that your work on this plane is complete and you then will give permission for the end of life on this plane to happen. 

You must realize however, that you are not instantly awake or enlightened at the exit point of life on this plane. So it will be an ongoing experience of unfolding even when you enter the invisible plane. So it behooves us to desire awakening now, as now is the time to want to let go of illusion about your separated sense of identity and realize that you are indeed a child of the Father, infinitely connected and connecting and infinitely expressed and expressing. 

Truly death has no sting and death has no victory. We can awaken to new life, and to infinite possibility even this moment as we turn within to our eternal connection. The joy here is a heavenly joy and the peace is a peace that passeth understanding. This chapter ends with an invitation to die only to the old, for in truth there is no death, for indeed, you are eternal. 

And so this chapter brings us to the conclusion of this part of the book. Now you may turn your attention to the story of one whom experi- enced a death to the old and allowed her life to open up to the newness that was whom she really was. She is experiencing her unfolding even this day, ever knowing of the Infinite Love that she is, and most impor- tantly knowing the Infinite Love from whence she came. 

All Will Be Accomplished

When your life is over,

When your last breath is through, 

We’ll look back at how it went, 

We’ll share your life review. 

You’ll know that you are loved, dear,

You’ll not be judged, nor scorned,

You’ll see your life as beautiful,

With joy you were adorned. 

You’ll also see the pain you caused,

You’ll feel a deep regret,

When you abandoned loved ones,

Your promises unkept. 

The lessons that you learned on earth,

What you accomplished there,

Will serve you well for next time, 

Will help you to prepare.

In counsel with your guides there,

You’ll make another choice,

Of how you’ll serve God’s purpose,

Will lend your willing voice. 

The mission that you choose dear,

To tell others about Me,

That I’m directly available,

You’ll do that, willingly. 

The grand and eternal outlook,

We’re working to instill,

That all are God’s dear children. 

Sent forth to do His will. 

All will be accomplished, 

All will know what’s true,

That love’s the very meaning,

God manifests through you. 

Let love light up your way there,

Each day I’ll show you how,

To bring this love to others,

Join with Me here and now.  

In closing let Me tell you,

I love you faithfully,

I will never leave you,

Entwined, as One, are we.


1/21/23.Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, Please tell others about  this website. You are the way, the voice, for how this website from Jesus is spread to others. Thank you.