A Choice to Make

Thursday, February 9, 2023

A Choice to Make

There is a real decision,

That you must make this day,

Will you listen to my words,

And willingly obey?

The decision is life changing,

And when it comes you’ll know,

That following my guidance,

Will change how love will flow. 

’Twill not be hidden, nor obscure,

’Twill be as plain as day,

You’ll know beyond a doubt, dear,

How to choose God’s way. 

Don’t let these words alarm you,

Don’t feel afraid, nor doubt,

That what comes forth will overwhelm,

That’s not what love’s about. 

Stay tuned and stay in touch, dear,

Just go about your day,

Join with Me as always, 

Attuned to what I say. 

And when we reach that choice point,

Don’t let ego mind intrude, 

Dismiss the imposter that it is, 

Its whimpering, subdued. 

You’re coming to a crossroad,

A change to make this day,

Take the road to mission,

Love’s light will point the way. 

This poem’s about decision, 

And how your life will flow,

Find joy in fulfilling mission,

Together, we will go. 

We’ll tell all those who listen,

That I’m directly there,

To love them and to heal them, 

And that I deeply care.

A choice to make to listen,

To follow and obey,

Together we’ll give out God’s gift,

We’ll move, in love, God’s way. 

02/09/23. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.