Each Day A Blessing

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Each Day A Blessing

Each day, itself, a blessing, 

When joined, dear Lord, with You,

Each moment holds a promise,

Unfolding love, brand new. 

How peaceful is each moment,

Fear, it is, no more, 

Joyous anticipation,

For what love has in store!

Life unfolds in wonder,

The sun, the sky, the ground,

The harmony of creation, 

Sings out a gentle sound. 

Life holds so many blessings,

Filled with gifts of love, 

Each day is an adventure, 

Such joy is life made of!

The blessing I love most, Lord, 

Is that I’m not alone, 

You’re there within my soul, Lord, 

Such joy, with You, I’ve known. 

This life time that I’m given, Lord,

Guide me in God’s way,

I’ll listen and I’ll follow, Lord,

Your guidance, I’ll obey. 

And when my time is over, 

You’ll be right by my side,

Love’s blessings will continue, 

In You, Lord, I abide. 

In closing, let me say again,

How grateful, Lord, for thee,

For your abiding Presence, 

And love, embracing me. 

02.01.23. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.