Let Go of Fear

Monday, February 27, 2023

Let Go of  Fear

Let life flow forth unlimited,

By fear and what might be,

Trust in providentiual power,

Place your faith with Me.

Don’t shrivel and lay low, there,

Hunkering down, no need, 

Don’t feel you’ll be abandoned,

I’m there, for you, indeed!

The troubles that befall you,

The problems big or small,

Living love’s the answer,

Flows forth, renewing all. 

Just put things in perspective,

Join with the Transcendent view,

Your heritage of Oneness, 

Mean’s God’s entwined with you. 

His will for you is awakening,

To whom you really are,

Perfect, whole, and free, dear,

You are His shining star. 

I’m there to guide, assist you,

Love will point the way,

Release your fears, your worries,

Join with Me this day. 

Let go your pent up tension,

The fear mentality,

Let it go like smoke there,

Breathe deep, fresh air, with Me.  

Rest now and relax, dear, 

All is well, I say,

Soon you ‘ll feel renewed again, 

Find joy with Me each day. 

02/27/23. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.