Others provide inspiration...

Friday, February 24, 2023

From Turn Within To Love

Chapter 45  Others on the spiritual plane provide inspiration as you open to them…

Let us focus on what you find right there in front of you. You have found that you are met with guidance and you have given your attention to it. You have found that you are never alone as you live and you have felt the companionship of your guide. Now is the time to bring to your life not only the companionship of your guide but the knowing mind set that allows for others from the spiritual plane to come into your life also. 

Now you will not be overwhelmed by this but you will find the additional comfort of so many as a boon and a blessing for you. These others that work with you are there to bring much needed help, for you are often caught in the miasma of delusion and the view from the separated sense of self. 

You will benefit from opening to receive these others and you will find the inspiration from them to be valuable beyond what words can relay to you. These others are there to offer to you help in diverse and multiple ways that you may not even be aware of at this point. For we see that there are many places where guidance will provide the changed perception necessary for true change to occur. It is therefore with the greatest love that these others are offered to you. And it is with the giving of your mission, your calling, that they will intercede with and for you. 

I am there also and I will never abandon you nor leave you without my input, my sincere love and my companionship for you. I will not leave you there alone and in the grips of delusion and all that accompanies this mind set. You must trust, dear one, truly you must trust that what comes forth is meant to further you along in your mission there. You have never been without these others, but you have not known that they were there for you and have often let circumstances rule the day. 

The time to listen more closely and turn within more often is called for. The time to find the know- how and the can-do of your life is called for there. We are here for you and we will not let you go without the requested guidance given. As you listen, be open to receive and do not feel frustration if what you hear is different than what you had anticipated. For it is newness that will unfold, dear one, truly it is newness that will unfold for you. I am with you there fully and I will not let you go. Now is the time to prepare for further guidance from others on the spiritual plane. Welcome them in and allow for the gifts they have to give to be given. All is well dear one, truly, all is well. Let in and allow, for indeed, we are One. 

Awakening to Oneness

The planet is awakening,

From ignorance, so blind,

A dawning realization,

Of vast connected Mind.  

The search for greater meaning, 

And why we do exist,

Will bring us to a change point,

Erasing ego’s gist. 

We see all Minds connected,

One Universality,

Issuing forth from One Source,

Our true identity.

We shed the harsh illusion,

The erroneous belief,

That each one travels solo,

We feel a great relief! 

We embrace the truth of Oneness,

With joy, our minds, now fill, 

With God’s Transcendent Mindset,

We open to His Will.

We are His point of light there,

Right there, just where we are,

We open to His living love,

Our place, to be His Star.

This love will transform All there, 

Ever unfolding anew, 

At last we’ve found our meaning,

Awakening now is true! 

A little poem with big intent,

Please join within to Me,

You’ll move to full awakening, 

Your Sacred Destiny. 

In closing let Me reaffirm,

My love for you, well known,

I am with you always, 

You are not alone! 


02/24/23. Given From Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.