The Cusp of Enlightenment

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

From Turn Within to Love

Chapter 22  The Cusp of Enlightenment

There is reason to be happy there, for you are on the cusp of enlightenment. You are on the cusp of letting go of the false sense of self that limited you there. Enlightenment is like letting go of a burden of gigantic proportions. As you realize that you no longer need to do it alone, the release will seem as a prison sentence broken and a mountainous journey abandoned. It will feel like a child stepping out on a walk after a spring rain with the air all fresh and dewy. It will feel like a child whose cares are carried by the parents and who is carefree toenjoy life fully. It will feel like you had an operation and something huge and awful was taken out and now you are recuperated and all is well and you are healthy and back to a full life without any problems to bear. 

It will feel like being in love and knowing that the love will be there forever. Ultimately, it will feel like you are Whole, Complete, with nothing missing and that you are radiating the most wonderful love and everything else is radiating that wonderful love and that life is unfolding anew each and every moment. These are just words. Nothing can explain enlightenment but enlightenment itself. It is your birthright there dear one, truly it is your birthright there. 

We see that the mind set of many is opening up to this. We see that the energy of conditioned thinking is thinning and the energy of Life is bursting through. You must remember that the Source manifests as Mind there, and so it is in Mind that you will make the choice for looking at the world through the mind set of joining with your Wholeness. Now you will not have to give up your identity, but you will have to relinquish the “I’d rather do it myself “ attitude, for this is when the trouble started in the first place. 

You must realize and have a perception change about where your life comes from. Always, you issue forth from the One Source and Center of Life, Father/Mother God, your Creator/Sustainer. You must realize that here is where the true creation originates and so align yourself therewith! Align yourself therewith! You are never alone there ever, dear one, truly , you are never alone. 

I’m Here As One Devoted

No matter what your age there,

Young, in between, or old,

My Presence is there with you,

As your days unfold. 

My Presence means you’re joined there,

Means you’re not alone, 

Means there’s One who loves you,

Transcendence, I make known. 

God holds you in His Mind, there,

As perfect, whole, and free, 

I’m there to bring this home, dear,

Make clear your identity. 

You issue forth from God, now, 

This moment, ever new,

You are His shining star there,

Love’s light you bring on through. 

Back then, now, and forever,

Your purpose is to be,

God’s point of light and love, dear,

Your sacred destiny. 

I’m here as One, devoted,

Each moment of each day,

I’ll guide you to full awakening, 

Love’s light will lead the way. 

Do not be disheartened,

If life seems cold and bland, 

Open up to Me, dear,

I’ll help you understand.

You’re met with an imposter,

Your peace it wants to steal,

A made-up mind of defense,

Claims it, alone, is real.

Dismiss this sick intrusion,

By joining within to Me, 

The ego’s just a ploy, dear,

It’s purely fakery.

Open to love’s meaning,

Its function ever true,

To heal, redeem, transform, dear, 

Will make your life brand new!

We’ll share such joy together,

This day, turn now, and see, 

Closest as your next breath, 

I’m waiting, dear, call Me.


02/22/23.  Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others about this website.