Voice for Truth

Monday, February 6, 2023

From Awakening to Oneness


would like to tell you a story about someone that you think is not very significant in your life but in fact this person is very significant. This person is known by the name of Jesus. Jesus cannot truly be called a person because he is no longer incarnate on your planet, but he is involved in the most profound way with all of mankind. Jesus has the ability to be involved both individually and collectively with everyone. His Consciousness permeates All That Is. 

It is certain that you have had the experience at some time of feeling deeply connected to someone or something. You have felt love for a parent, a friend, a lover, a pet, a home, a place or to something. The experience that you have had has given you an idea of what joining is about and so you undoubtedly can understand when I tell you that Jesus is forever joined with you in the loving way I have mentioned. 

There is no time and no place that Jesus is not available to you and there is no circumstances in which He will not hear your voice. That means you are never alone. The significance of these words is immense if you but pause to ponder on it. Never alone—NEVER! Jesus cannot force Himself on you however, and you must ask for His help. 

Who is this one called Jesus anyway? He has been involved with you since the beginning of life on this planet as you know it. His involvement has taken many different forms and most recently He has been the VOICE coming through those who have listened and spoken as they have heard. Jesus is deeply motivated or desirous that you be able to come to a fuller understanding of your kinship with Him and with All That Is. He would like you to know that there is no time or place that you cannot access Him by quietly asking for the answer to your particular situation. Jesus does not want you to feel that you do not have the means at your disposal to live life abundantly for that truly is his desire—that all should live an abundant life, rich in the joyous blessings of your birthright, your inheritance from the Father. 

This inheritance is an unbelievably rich source of fulfillment and manifests in all areas of life. Fulfillment means that which truly brings into completion that aspect of your Being unfolding at that time. We cannot imagine anything more wonderful because even our imaginations are limited in the scope of what fulfillment might be. 

Contrary to what we have been taught, life is not enriched by suffering in any way and it is not holy to suffer for the Father. Suffering is purely a remnant of limited or conditioned thinking and must come to an end. When we truly live from guidance we will discover that every condition of life is there for us to grow ever more aware of who we truly are — sons and daughters of the living Father/Mother God. 

Jesus provides each and every one with His Presence and His unbounded love, at all times ready to embrace the one who seeks. So, asking you will receive and seeking you will find is indeed the promise He has made to us. We can claim this promise today, at this moment. Now is the time to ask, dear ones, so go within to that place of quiet and listen for the Voice of Him who is always with you. It is Jesus, your friend and brother. 

Your Forever Friend

I am Your Forever Friend,

Within your Mind and Heart,

I am that constant Presence,

Not separate, nor apart.

I’m here because I love you,

And so want you to know,

That we are joined forever,

In grace and love we’ll grow. 

Your part’s to open to Me,

To quiet ego’s mind,

To ask and listen closely,

The Voice for Truth you’ll find. 

Our life lived joined together,

Releases ego’s reign,

Dispels its faulty blustering.

Your Truth is now made plain!

I put this poem before you,

Simple as it may be,

I ask, yes, I implore you,

To come and join with Me. 

Truth is, we’re joined right now, dear,

Right there within to see,

I ask your recognition,

To lift your eyes to Me. 

A Friend Forever, yes, dear,

A guide and teacher, too,

God moves as One Great Wholeness, 

This Oneness moves with you.

A plea with One intention,

To waken you to see,

That you are not alone, dear,

That you are joined with Me. 

I’m waiting here within you,

Right now is the right time,

Come and find Your Forever Friend

Relationship sublime!


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