Your True Identity

Monday, February 13, 2023

From Awakening to Oneness


Throughout the ages of mankind, there has existed a certain tendency on the part of many to self define with little regard for the truth of whom they really are. Throughout the ages, there have existed numerous challenges to experiencing authenticity. 

We are about to see all of this change, for in a short time mankind will radically alter his perception about his identity. I will now tell you a story that will open the doors to your thinking, letting in the fresh air of truth. 

The story begins in a typical fashion. A child is born and is bestowed a name by his parents. The child develops naturally gaining in physical stature and in intellectual ability. He assumes many things from his parents including a definition of who and what he is. He most likely thinks that he is unique, but his life pattern isn’t usually too different from his parents. His dependency on them for all his nurturing and his frequent fallibility increases the likelihood that he will follow parental ways. They represent to him a model of what it means to be human. 

And so generation after generation follows this pattern and generation after generation misses out on discovering their true identity. But soon the masks will be dropped and the cycles of falsehood will end. Soon the truth will be known by everyone on the face of the globe. This writing is apart of the chain of events that will stir the curiosity of millions to explore more fully whom they really are and to examine their conditioned thinking and how it has shut off the penetration of the Truth of Being. 

What and who are we? When this question is fully answered you will know with certainty that there could be no doubt about your true identity. I will not hold you in suspense any longer, for it is much better to tell you straight on. You, sitting right there, are none other than the direct manifestation of the Prime Mover, the One Source and Center of All That Is. You are the Mother/Father God expressing. 

Take this information into the quiet of your Being and live with the words. Let them exude to you their most profound meaning as they penetrate into that conditioned thinking, eradicating all the old, stale worn-out concepts that have been passed down through the ages. 

Feel into this truth, letting the divine knowing penetrate into even the darkest corners of your preexisting concepts. It is difficult to think of what this means without scoffing at the idea but let me elucidate further. 

Divinity is the place in conscious awareness where you are connected to the infinity of whom you are. Your mind is forever part of the infinite wholeness that comprises the Mother/Father God, the All in All. I would invite you to go into that place within and discover with the certainty that only comes with experience what is being presented here. Your true identity has nothing to do with the separate sense of self you have conceived yourself to be. And so, I would encourage you to find that One whom you are and come to know the truth of these words.

Remember Who You Are

It takes dedication,

To turn your mind to Me, 

To find direct alignment,

Release obscurity. 

The habitual separation,

The ‘go it alone’ mentality,

Poses as who you are there,

Says this is normality. 

Remember who you are, dear,

At One, with Source. with Me, 

Your mind’s at home when joined there,

Here’s where you’re meant to be. 

Here’s where you’ll find your truth, dear, 

Where joy and love are found,

Where you’ll find your dearest friend, 

You’re now on solid ground. 

When forward movement stopped, there, 

Doubt and division filled the air,

You’re coming from separation,

Your ego’s jumped in there.  

Just say ‘no’ to ego, 

That false identity,

Then turn your mind to Me, dear, 

You’ve found your certainty. 

Dedicate your life there,

To listening to Me,

Then follow where love leads us,

God’s light, we’ll gladly be. 

We’ll rapture in great joy, dear,

How happy we will be,

Your identity is certain,

With God, as One, are we. 



02/13/23. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others about this website.

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