All Things Are Possible

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

From Turn Within To Love

Chapter 51     All Things Are Possible

All things are possible. All things are possible for you as you move into direct connection there. All things are doable and will unfold as you move into that direct connection to your Source, your Allness. We can tell you that you have the resources available for you to live from and to make your own. These resources are inherent in the legacy that was bequeathed to you as you are a direct inheritor there. These things are your birthright, dear one, and cannot be taken from you. 

These resources are of such magnitude for you that if you had any inkling of the magnitude and the magnificence you would not hesitate there to open to receive them. You are truly not alone there dear one, truly you are not alone there as you live. I can tell you that your inheritance and your guidance remain steadfast there for you, steadfast in love and in bounty and in readiness to gift you at every turn. 

This sounds like pie in the sky, an optimist’s dream, a nebulous promise that sounds good but has no relation to reality. But I can tell you that it has! It has a direct and most significant relationship to reality. For the reality of you is grounded in your willingness to open to inner guidance there. Your reality is truly best known as what is true as you let in the relationship to your Source. I am here for you and I have for you unlimited bounty there, fulfillment as my gift to you. 

Ultimately your awakening fully to the truth of whom and what you are is my gift to you and is what will occur as you let go of the falsehood that has been impelled into you there. Life is truly much more, dear one, truly much more for you. 

Now is the time to open to your relationship within. Here I await you and here I will give you unfettered love and companionship. This in and of itself will be such a boon for you that you will joy in it as in nothing else. We are One you and I, truly we are One. 

Now is the time to lay down the book and close your eyes. Lay down the book and ask that all the snippets of thoughts and perturbations be released. Let the cares and concerns of the day be let go of and invite in your peace. As you do feel into this peace, ask that you be given a sign or signal that you are in connection. This will be for you only and will not be the same as someone else. It is your personal way of knowing that you are not alone there. Now the movement forward will proceed as you hear words that seem to be coming from another there. This is your guidance and is truly a part of you, whom and what you really are but will seem as someone else there. It is your greater self, your connected self joining with you as you listen and follow. Now is the time to bring to bear on your life this guidance from the divine. 

Here are the words that will move you forward there and will usher in a new beginning for you. You are never alone there, dear one, truly you are never alone. Let in and allow, for indeed, we are One. I love you and will not leave you there stranded in separation. Now is the time to join and find anew what was there always. Let in and allow, for indeed, we are One. 

Just Ask and Call My Name

Each message brings a promise, 

Each poem brings forth the same, 

That I am always with you,

Just ask and call My Name. 

I repeat this for a reason,

You’ll know where I am found,

That I’m not far away from you, 

Within, as One, we’re bound. 

Our relationship’s so vital,

I’ll illuminate your way, 

You’ll open to God’s living love,

 Find joy with Me each day. 

Each step will be a joined one,

Futility felt no more,

Each step will open to us,

What God has in store.

We know that living love, there, 

Will lead and light our way, 

This love’s God’s very meaning, 

Renews us every day. 

Repetition’s necessary, 

A thousand times I’ll say,

You are My beloved, 

Turn to Me, this day. 

I’m where Transcendence opens, 

How you’re meant to use your mind, 

Joined as One forever, 

True peace, true love, you’ll find. 

In closing, I well tell you,

I repeat again what’s known,

I am with you always,

You are not alone.  


03/22/23. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.