Created to live joined with Source...

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

From Turn Within To Love

Chapter 38     Created to live joined with our Source…

There is great progress to be made as you learn of the way to live that has your forward movement as its intention. This way has been known to the ancients but was lost along the way as many abandoned what had been given to them in hopes of moving to their own drum beat, their own authorship. Many lost their way and departed from the truth of creation. This truth is that we are not suppose to be originators of life but are created to live as joined with our Source. We are an extension of that Source, an idea held in the Mind of Source and held as that which completes the Whole. 

When we left the crucible of truth, the parentage and family, we left our connection to what was the lifeline of creation and abandoned this home for what we thought would be more powerful and would give us more authority to own our own lives. We wanted to do it ourselves and be our own creators of our destiny. We then moved into the place where we gave up our birthright and our sovereignty as direct inheritors and used our own thinking to live. 

Now fear became an ingredient that was not there previously. Fear became an ingredient in our lives and placed us in a position to defend against it. All manor of defenses came into play and all manner of manipulation that signaled others as enemies and as that which could cause us harm. Protection became our gaol and self seeking was rampant. No longer were others thought of as a part of us, but soon became that which could betray and deceive. 

These defense patterns became entrenched and the mind set of ego was firmly in place. Its motives were to undermine anything that would destroy it as it became skilled in our minds as protection and retaliation at all costs. The ego defenses appeared like a presence and became known as the evil one, the devil, the satanic presence, ready to destroy covertly and overtly if necessary. Protection of its system was paramount and the ultimate threat to it was connection to Source, wholeness, truth and love. Its goal was division as division sets one side a against the other. This would guarantee its ongoing continuation, where joining with the Source would annihilate it. And so the human condition was made as that which was filled with sin, sickness and death. These things were the ego’s stakes, the trump cards it played. Remember here, it is not a real presence but a set of defenses/strategies to undermine. 

Now the Source did not leave His own without the availability of return to full status as children, direct inheritors. Within the Mind always, was this place of return and the place of direct connection. He gave the Holy spirit, guidance, to be turned to always. This great gift of the Creator who sees only that which is of love, sent the Great Mediator to intercede and to work tirelessly to open the door to the truth of whom and what we really are. This Great Mediator and those on the other side who see you there are working tirelessly to open to you the truth and the know-how to come back to full family status and to full partaking of the gifts of your true parent there. 

The mistake was made and mankind suffered but always the mistake was nothing but a misunderstanding of the reality of whom and what we are—spiritual children of the one true Source and Center there. This is the best news for you, dear one, truly, this is the best news, for it lets you know that you are not alone there, and that you have a way back into your right mind, your mind of connection. 

This book is being written to bring you home! To Bring you into the family of spiritual son and daughter-ship and to access the fullness and the fulfillment that is your birthright there. You are not alone there ever, dear one, truly you are not alone there ever. 

Now the call is to quiet your thinking mind set and ask that Holy Spirit, your inner guidance will speak to you. You will be heard and we will answer you. I will answer you there and I am with you always. I have your best interest at heart and I will work tirelessly to open to you, our love and our relationship. Enter the kingdom, dear one, and joy in the beauty and love that is your inheritance. Never alone dear one, truly never alone. 

Not Meant to Live Alone

Remember that I’m with you,

Intwined as One are we,

You’re not meant to live solo,

You’re meant to join with Me. 

A humble attribution,

Yet powerful in effect,

You’re in-dwelt with spirit,

Choose to join, connect.

Gone, cruel separation, 

A made-up use of mind,

Gone, harsh alienation, 

 Deep love, with Me, you’ll find. 

Safe, secure, and whole, dear,

Joined, yet truly free,

Built on God’s foundation,

One with the Entirety.

So happy in our union, 

Joy permeates the air, 

Peace, our field of being, 

Love’s light, we follow, there. 

God wills we live connected,

It’s how creation’s done,

No man is an island,

With Him we move as One. 

Your choice to join with Me, dear,

Your free will you must use,

Never forced upon you, 

Freely, you must choose. 

Together, with Our Source, dear,

We’ll live in harmony, 

‘Tis God’s own loving purpose, 

To live as Family. 

Remember that I love you,

No judgement, blame from Me. 

I see only goodness, 

You’re perfect, whole, and free.

My arms are open wide, dear,

I’m waiting for your call, 

Joined as One forever,

I give to you my all. 



03/08/23. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.