Don't Give Up

Monday, March 13, 2023

Don’t Give Up

Sometimes it may be difficult,

To help a joyless one,

When that one’s negativity,

Is the web that’s always spun. 

Hard to penetrate fear’s gate,

Of self absorption’s wall,

Your best efforts meant to help,

Seem to do no good at all.

Don’t give up on this one, dear,

Stay with, stay loyal, true,

Call on Me each time you meet,

Let living love come through. 

The fact of your involvement, 

God’s will has placed you there, 

Not random are your visits,

We see you really care.

You’ll be an open vessel,

Where living love comes through, 

Healing and redeeming,

Making all things new.

I see this one’s impediments,

And how they came to be,

Each opportunity I’m given,

I’ll work to set him free. 

Your part to play is ‘staying with,’

Listen, My words to hear, 

Your presence sharing what I say,

Help melt away His fear.

Though you may not see it,

A difference, you do make, 

More important than you could ever know, 

E’en life and death’s at stake.

Don’t give up on your love, there,

This one, you so well know,

What you give, you get, dear,

The seeds you plant will grow!

I’m with you all the way, there,

Now and every day,

We move as One, together,

And love’s what lights our way! 

03/13/23. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.